Hypocrites on the left: Liberals believe abusing women is awful – unless it’s the Palins


Four Islamic terrorism incidents in a single week – two in Canada, one in New York and one in Israel. Naturally, journalists found a perfect target for their hate.

Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol.

CNN’s Carol Costello showed the way the War on Women is waged in America’s newsrooms by mocking what she called a “massive brawl” involving the Palin family as “quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across.”

No, she wasn’t talking about the recording of Flight 93 on 9/11. When media types say, “Let’s roll,” they mean roll right over conservatives. Especially ones named Palin.

The classy Costello chuckled as she described how the incident was “sparked after someone pushed one of her daughters at a party.” In the rest of America, we call that assault. On CNN, it’s a time to “sit back and enjoy.”

Costello got caught and even Mediaite gave Newsbusters’ Geoff Dickens [Proud to say he’s a coworker of mine] credit for “crying hypocrisy in Costello condemning all violence against women only to put on a more light-hearted face in talking about it happening to a Palin.”

Sarah Palin is still fighting back. She bashed CNN for its “unprofessional, hypocritical, and unethical news coverage” in an Oct. 25 Facebook post. She linked to a post by Bristol that compared the Costello coverage to CNN’s anger over statements ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith made about the Ray Rice incident.

In Bristol Palin’s case, she tearfully described how a man cursed her, pushed her down on the grass, hiked up her skirt and dragged her across the grass. What most people would describe as a terrifying attack and possibly even a sexual assault became a punchline. Only Costello wasn’t the only one taking swings.

Over at “Entertainment Tonight,” host Nancy O’Dell said of the incident, “it’s crazy, that’s an understatement.” She also had a grin on her face. Rather than show sympathy for a woman who said she had been assaulted, O’Dell added, “Oh wow, this would be a fabulous reality show now.” Yes, Nancy, thanks for the reminder that some beauty is only skin deep.

The show’s entire cast of clowns played the attack for a laugh. “ET” even began its show with the catchphrase, “celebrating all women.” Sure they are.

TMZ also played it for a joke, but at least TMZ plays most things that way. They ran a brief clip of Bristol describing her assault and then launched into the attempted comedy. Host Harvey Levin mocked the entire Palin family, saying, “You can imagine if they got ;in the White House? ;The south lawn would be ;unbelievable.” Luckily for Harvey, he’s usually funnier.

ABC’s Dan Harris, theoretically a journalist, also found it amusing during his “Nightline” piece on the Palins, smirking as he introduced the story. “This is a new kind ;of Alaskan wildlife. ;The Palin family in their ;natural habitat.” Just as disgusting as Costello, but no one made him apologize. Probably because no one actually watches “Nightline.”

There was lots more – from a wannabe-funny video at The Hill to the Democratic press shop of Talking Points Memo. ;

Huffington Post staffers Amanda Gutterman & Paige Lavender wrote a piece blaming Bristol and her family for having a “penchant for drunken brawls.” The pair even urged people, “if you see Bristol Palin on the warpath, seems like it’s best to duck for cover.”

All that snark, even when they admitted that Palin’s attacker had called her a c***, ordinarily a word the left dislikes. Except when it’s used against Palins. Remember, HBO star Bill Maher used that term for Sarah Palin in 2011. Unsurprisingly, he’s still employed.

Media attacks on the Palins are nothing new. Famous TV sleazebag David Letterman has called Sarah Palin “slutty” and made a rape joke about her then 14-year-old daughter Willow. To top it off, he admitted he lied in his apology so he could “go forward making fun” of Sarah Palin.

Even Martin Bashir’s famous suggestion that she deserved having someone defecate in her mouth still took two weeks to result in his job loss.

None of this is surprising. There is no person on earth media types hate more. Why? Because liberals and their journalistic brethren assume all special interest groups belong to them. If you are African-American and conservative, they try to destroy you. Just ask Herman Cain or Justice Clarence Thomas.

But they have a special fear of conservative women who dare to live their lives choosing to get married, raise children, praise God and urge others to do the same. ;

That’s why liberals take every swing at the Palins they can. Because she terrifies them and they are too cowardly to admit it.

Dan Gainor is the Media Research Center’s Vice President for Business and Culture. He writes frequently about media for Fox News Opinion. He can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter as dangainor.

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