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As America Heads To The Polls, Momentum Is In Republicans’ Favor

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Election night is always exciting. Even when polling has predicted the overall outcome well before November 4th arrives, there are always upsets and victories across the nation that make staying up until the bitter end worth it.
I’m sure that… Continue reading

Who are the voters who haven’t decided to vote for Obama or Romney?

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns are going to be focused on a select group of voters in the final two weeks until election day. They are operating under the assumption that minds can be changed in the last weeks… Continue reading

Weak Jobs Numbers, Weak Reelection Prsopects

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President Obama’s only claim to reelection is that he and his team steadied America during its time of economic uncertainty and are, albeit slowly, growing the economy. Today’s anemic jobs numbers show that in fact the economy is not recovering,… Continue reading

Why Obama’s gay marriage endorsement could ultimately be more harmful than helpful

Wednesday afternoon, Barack Obama became the first president of the United States to openly support same sex marriage – declaring unequivocal support for gay marriage in an interview with ABC News.
His surprise endorsement reflects the position being echoed by… Continue reading

The 2012 presidential race is slipping away from Republicans

Feb. 14, 2012: President Obama speaks about extending the payroll tax cut at the White House.

The Republican Party remains in a state of chaos — facing the increasingly realistic possibility of the first “brokered” convention in more than… Continue reading