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Chattanooga shootings: Why should we make it easy for killers to attack our military?

Thursday saw yet another tragic attack in a gun-free zone. Four Marines were murdered. Others were injured.
Watching the coverage on television Thursday, it was hard to ignore the gun-free zone sign on the front door of the recruiting station.… Continue reading

French Alps crash shows psychiatrists cannot be last line of defense

French Red Cross members pay tribute March 28, 2015, to the victims of a Germanwings plane crash in front of a stone slab erected as a monument in Le Vernet, France. (AP Photo/Claude Paris)

There has been a lot of… Continue reading

As America Heads To The Polls, Momentum Is In Republicans’ Favor

Election night is always exciting. Even when polling has predicted the overall outcome well before November 4th arrives, there are always upsets and victories across the nation that make staying up until the bitter end worth it.
I’m sure that… Continue reading

July Fourth: Be especially proud to be an American in 2014


Remember when that word meant something? When it gave you a lump in your throat to say it, or how your heart soared to hear “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

That still happens – to some of us. According to… Continue reading

Bull testicle beer to be sold nationwide later this month

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout with a key ingredient. (Thrillist.com)


A Colorado brewery that created a limited-run beer flavored with bull testicles for a beer festival is making the ballsy move to offer it all year round.
Wynkoop Brewing Company’s… Continue reading

Who are the voters who haven’t decided to vote for Obama or Romney?

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns are going to be focused on a select group of voters in the final two weeks until election day. They are operating under the assumption that minds can be changed in the last weeks… Continue reading

Cine de Colorado donde fue la masacre carecía de seguridad

DENVER – El complejo de cines de Colorado que fue escenario de una masacre este mes no tenía ningún guardia de seguridad uniformado la noche del tiroteo, a pesar de que otros cines operados por la misma empresa dieron este… Continue reading

Tardío apoyo de algunas ambulancias tras masacre en Colorado

DENVER – A medida que la policía se percataba de la magnitud de la masacre en un cine de Colorado, los agentes enviaron solicitudes urgentes para recibir más ambulancias, pero algunas se demoraron.
Incluso se supo posteriormente que había una… Continue reading

Weak Jobs Numbers, Weak Reelection Prsopects

President Obama’s only claim to reelection is that he and his team steadied America during its time of economic uncertainty and are, albeit slowly, growing the economy. Today’s anemic jobs numbers show that in fact the economy is not recovering,… Continue reading