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Department Of Homeland Security Funding Battles And Entitlement Reform

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We may be headed for another shutdown. This time it’ll be the Department of Homeland Security, caught in the partisan crosshairs over the spending bill which Democrats insist should not have any immigration related amendments.
Most Republicans and Democrats want… Continue reading

Ukrainian Ceasefire Lasts Hours; Putin Continues To Advance

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The latest ceasefire in Ukraine is already coming apart, and it hasn’t even been a week.
Russian-backed separatists continue to attack Ukrainian forces defending the strategic city of Debaltseve and show no sign of stopping. To no one’s surprise, Putin… Continue reading

Leaders Agree To Ceasefire Terms For Ukraine In Minsk Talks

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Yesterday, the leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia held peace talks in Belarus. Though the United States wasn’t represented at the summit, both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry has made clear that they support a diplomatic… Continue reading

Western Heavyweights Intervene In Ukrainian Conflict; Looking For Another Diplomatic Solution

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I was relieved to see reports earlier this week that the United States was finally considering arming the Ukrainians as they continue fighting off pro-Russian separatists in the East.
There was the suggestion that we might have been able to… Continue reading

Patent Reform And The New Congress

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On December 5, 2013, the House of Representatives did something strange. It passed a bill that helped American businesses.
In response, the Senate did something decidedly more familiar: it killed the bill.
The 2013 Innovation Act was a Patent Reform… Continue reading

Progress In Ukraine While Russia Continues Incursion

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Last week in Davos, thought leaders and interested parties gathered to discuss a total overhaul of Ukrainian society, with particular focus on increasing transparency, stamping out bureaucracy and corruption as well as promoting efficiency and Western practices.
For a country… Continue reading

Russia And Ukraine Are At War

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Moscow won’t admit it, but Russia is at war with Ukraine.
It’s hard to draw any other conclusion from reports that Russian regular forces have moved into eastern Ukraine and are attacking Ukrainian military units amid a flare-up of violence… Continue reading

State Of The Union Speech Emphasizes Economic Successes, Misses The Mark On Foreign Policy

President Obama did his best tonight to make Americans forget what happened just a few months ago at the November midterm election.
He sounded like the man at the head of the party that just won control of the House… Continue reading