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As America Heads To The Polls, Momentum Is In Republicans’ Favor

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Election night is always exciting. Even when polling has predicted the overall outcome well before November 4th arrives, there are always upsets and victories across the nation that make staying up until the bitter end worth it.
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Protecting Medicare Part D From Government Intervention

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It’s no secret that President Obama’s healthcare law continues to struggle despite the administration touting eight million sign-ups and 13 million people getting coverage during the first enrollment season.
The administration is still struggling to get millennials to sign-up –… Continue reading

The Failure Of ObamaCare And What It Means For The Democratic Party

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New internal government data revealed in the Wall Street Journal yesterday shows that the Obama administration hasn’t just fallen short of their goal to enroll 500,000 Americans in private plans in October, they’re not even in the ballpark.
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A Sad Chapter For America

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“This is not a time to point fingers of blame,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said after the Senate finally reached an agreement on a deal yesterday. “This is a time of reconciliation.”
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Reframing The Health Care Debate Is A Long-Term Political Must

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With the Syria crisis entering a new phase, the focus among Washington policymakers has shifted to the debate over the debt ceiling and efforts by far-right Republicans to try and defund the Affordable Care Act. While it makes for good… Continue reading

Obama’s State of the Union speech a well-crafted, hollow recitation of nothing more than words

The president did what he had to do. He delivered a well-written, well-crafted speech that hit all the right notes and drew the appropriate applause lines.
Obama advanced the agenda his has honed over the last four years in office,… Continue reading

A centrist Democrat’s view of the inauguration

The tone of the upcoming presidential inauguration is a far cry from the last. When President Obama was first inaugurated, we got uplifting rhetoric and the promise of hope and change that was proven, at best, to have been only… Continue reading