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Entitlements Under Attack In Washington

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As Congress continues to hem and haw over the budget, Republican leaders are pushing for deeper and deeper cuts to a multitude of programs. But while the cuts may satiate the conservative base, the White House has made it clear… Continue reading

Can Clinton coalition be rebuilt amid racial unrest?

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Buzz Cut:• Can Clinton coalition be rebuilt amid racial unrest?• Baier Tracks: ‘Clinton Cash’ questions not going away• Rand tackles Bush legacy: toppling Saddam a ‘mistake’• Jeb edges Hillary in swing state poll• Ah, youth

Fox News Poll: Voters are feeling better about the economy, but not great

More than half of voters remain dissatisfied with the direction of the country — despite economic sentiment improving significantly since President Obama took office. That’s according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. ;
Fifty-six percent of voters are dissatisfied… Continue reading

Dana (Perino) goes to Washington

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I was seven-years-old when I first visited the White House. My mom had a high school friend that worked on Air Force One manifests, and she invited us for a tour while my parents and I were in the nation’s… Continue reading

Obama Backs Off Opposition To Corker-Menendez Bill, But Still Remains In Control

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Consensus in Washington? You don’t say.
On Tuesday, President Obama announced that he would agree to sign the Corker-Menendez bill after it received unanimous favor in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
To date, this has to be the largest assertion… Continue reading

Iran nuclear deal and the White House credibility gap

Too bad the “framework” of a nuclear weapons deal with Iran didn’t come four days earlier on April Fools’ Day. It would have been more appropriate.
The United States is being asked to foolishly believe promises by a regime that… Continue reading

Nuclear talks with Iran and Indiana’s religious freedom law

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This is a RUSH transcript from “The O’Reilly Factor,” April 2, 2015. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.Watch “The O’Reilly Factor” weeknights at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET!
O’REILLY: “Personal Story Segment”… Continue reading

Stop slamming Starbucks: Why ‘Race Together’ campaign matters

Can I just get a cup of coffee – hold the rant on race?
This week Starbucks is giving its staff the option to write “Race Together” on its paper cups of coffee. The idea is to ignite coffeehouse crosstalk,… Continue reading

The power of forgiveness: University of Oklahoma’s Isaac Hill and SAE fraternity

Turn on the news and you expect to see people of different races and politics denouncing each other. That’s why what happened last week on “The Kelly File,” Megyn Kelly’s Fox News program, was so remarkable.
Following the expulsion of… Continue reading