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In State Of The Union, Obama Fails To Rise To The Challenge Of The Moment

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President Barack Obama delivers the State of Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014. (AP Photo/Larry Downing, Pool)

President Obama took the stage tonight for his annual State of the Union address on shaky… Continue reading

Please, Mr. President, for the good of the country, let’s delay ObamaCare

Today, President Obama and the Democrats are faced with the opportunity to take a timeout – a timeout from ObamaCare.
I believe that they should delay ObamaCare for six months to a year. America’s health care system isn’t something that… Continue reading

You call this a deal? Congress, Obama set to kick the can … again

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he was hopeful it would be a “bright day.” Republican leader Mitch McConnell seconded Reid’s optimism, “we’ve had a good day,” he commented on Monday.
Indeed, we are on the precipice of a… Continue reading

Republicans dealing Obama the winning hand in government shutdown fight

It seems that President Obama has more allies on the Hill than we thought. But they’re not who you’d expect.
The Republicans and Ted Cruz have become President Obama’s greatest ally. Their latest gambit appears to have failed and there… Continue reading

Intellectual Property Rights Matter

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While the American public’s and the media’s attention has been focused on the seemingly endless cycle of political dramas that unfold every day–the impending fight over the debt ceiling, the potential government shutdown, the debate over the budget deficit and… Continue reading

A culture of meanness and political opportunism, on both sides, is poisoning Washington

On Monday, as the tragic shooting in the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard was still in the process of unfolding, President Obama gave a partisan speech observing the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis. Despite the fact that the shooting had… Continue reading

No minds changed by Syria speech but Obama’s message is loud and clear

Bottom line: I don’t think the president changed any minds Tuesday night. And I don’t think he intended to.
President Obama didn’t make the case Tuesday night that a military strike would have any consequential impact on degrading the chemical… Continue reading

How To Reform The NSA

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“It’s not enough for me to have confidence in these programs. The American people need to have confidence in them as well.”
Those were President Obama’s words at his August 9th press conference in which he laid out his plans… Continue reading