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As The G-7 Meets In The Hague, Russia Keeps Hurting Ukraine

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The thousands of Russian troops that are building up along the Ukrainian border are concerning to us all. In light of this aggressive move, the Ukrainian government has made it clear that they are prepared for all out war, even… Continue reading

Looking Ahead To 2016: Enough About The Candidates, What About The Message?

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Douglas E. Schoen and Jessica Tarlov
If today’s paper was any guide, you’d think that the 2016 presidential election was just around the corner and not years down the road.
Former Obama advisor David Axelrod took to Twitter to remind… Continue reading

Why David Jolly’s Florida win should be a warning to Democrats in 2014 and beyond

Tuesday was a dark day for the Democrats.
In the midst of crumbling foreign policy endeavors in Ukraine, Syria and Iran and an ever-growing backlash over President Obama’s unpopular health care policy, the Democrats lost Florida’s 13th Congressional district in… Continue reading

Putin Blames The US For Ukrainian Unrest And Reserves Right To Military Action

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Though Putin has had his hand in the events of the last week in Ukraine, he actually hadn’t made any formal comments – until today.
In an hour long, unscripted press conference in Moscow, Putin called the events in Ukraine… Continue reading

Prepare For A Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

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It has become clear that Russian President Putin took President Obama’s words at his press conference yesterday for exactly what they were: rhetoric.
This morning, Putin requested – and received – authorization from the Russian Senate to use military force… Continue reading

Congress: Extend Unemployment Benefits For Three Months And Make A Deal

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“I challenge any lawmaker to live without an income.”
This was the message of President Obama’s press conference this afternoon on his first order of business for 2014: extending insurance for the unemployed.
As Congress went home on December 28th… Continue reading

Obamacare Sign-Up Deadline Extended

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Americans now have an extra 24 hours to sign up for healthcare coverage that is set to begin Jan. 1.
The original deadline – 11:59 p.m. tonight – was quietly extended through tomorrow night, without any public announcement, as first… Continue reading