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UN’s anti-sex abuse policy for peacekeepers is in go-slow mode

Image CARrussell.jpg

FILE – This April 11, 2014, image shows French forces patrolling in Sibut, some 140 miles northeast of Bangui, Central African Republic. French prosecutors and military authorities are investigating accusations that French soldiers in Central African Republic sexually abused children… Continue reading

Patent scandal: UN asked to investigate top official

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Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization Francis Gurry. (WIPO/Berrod Emmanuel)

EXCLUSIVE: Investigators with the United Nations Secretariat in New York have been asked to look into longstanding charges that Francis Gurry, director general of the World Intellectual Property… Continue reading

Judge slaps down U.N. on sex crimes reporting

The United Nations’ suspension of a top human rights official who passed evidence to French authorities of rape and sexual abuse of starving children in the Central African Republic by French and African troops last year was unlawful, a U.N.… Continue reading

Military eyeing former Cold War mountain bunker as ‘shield’ against EMP attack?

Image 050315_hn_emp_640.jpg

New concerns are being raised that the nation’s electrical grid and critical infrastructure are increasingly vulnerable to a catastrophic foreign attack — amid speculation over whether officials are eyeing a former Cold War bunker, inside a Colorado mountain, as a… Continue reading

Hillary flips for amnesty

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Buzz Cut:• Hillary flips for amnesty• Rubio rocket ride continues, Walker has room to grow• Huckabee’s entry sets up Cruz duel• Carson, Fiorina still largely unknown• Go soak… Continue reading

African troops involved with French in UN rape report scandal

EXCLUSIVE: Troops from Chad and Equatorial Guinea, as well as French soldiers, were involved in the rape and sexual abuse of starving children in the Central African Republic between December 2013 and June 2014, according to the woman who handed… Continue reading

‘Assault weapons’ debate: The folly of Rep. Rosa DeLauro’s buyback bill

Gun control advocates introduced a bill in April that only gun control supporters could love. Connecticut Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro is so serious about getting so-called assault weapons off the street that she is offering $2,000 tax credits for each… Continue reading

Iranian navy intercepted US-flagged ship, official says

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Four Iranian patrol boats from its Revolutionary Guard intercepted the U.S.-flagged container ship M/V Maersk Kensington last Friday in the Persian Gulf near the Strait of Hormuz in an internationally recognized maritime route, a Pentagon official told Fox News Tuesday.… Continue reading

Fox News Poll: Voters say fight against ISIS going badly

Voters overwhelmingly believe ISIS is a real threat to the country. ;They also think America’s fight against the Islamic extremists is going badly. ;
That’s according to a new Fox News poll released Wednesday.

Most voters, 81 percent, feel the… Continue reading

Fox News Poll: Obama ‘too soft’ in negotiating with Iran, deal won’t work

More voters than not think President Barack Obama is giving away too much in the nuclear talks with Iran — and that it’s pointless to make a deal with Iran anyway. ;
So it’s unsurprising that approval of the president’s… Continue reading