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It’s Time For President Obama To Begin Legacy Shopping On Trade Issues

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Without question, President Obama’s second term will ultimately be defined on how he rallies the American people to protect our national security interests, both here at home and overseas. The rise of ISIS and other crises in the Middle East,… Continue reading

The Economy Is What Matters To Americans, So Why Don’t We Hear More About It?

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If you were to walk up to almost any American, in any part of the country, and ask them what they thought the most important problem facing the nation today is you are likely to hear the same two words… Continue reading

A Win For The Republican Establishment In Alabama’s 1st Congressional District

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While it didn’t get much attention and was overshadowed by the two races for governor in New Jersey and Virginia and the battle for the New York City mayoralty, it could well be that the most significant election yesterday was… Continue reading

The Printed Word

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Douglas E. Schoen and Jessica Tarlov
The printing press rocked the world by spreading literature and news to the masses for the first time. A wild, bold entrepreneurial streak created the most efficient, durable way we consume information. The internet… Continue reading

No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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To hear some commentators tell it, President Obama has been plagued by a truly terrible case of bad luck. The mounting scandals – the IRS, the DOJ information grab, Benghazi, and now the NSA – have formed the perfect storm.… Continue reading

Obama administration is in a crisis with no answers

It seems that President Obama just can’t catch a break. He has most certainly had a difficult start to his second term. The debt ceiling and sequestration battle with House Republicans, attempts to broker a peace deal in Syria and… Continue reading

American people, not lawmakers, really understand our fiscal mess

The 2012 election did not provide a clear mandate for either party, and certainly not for President Obama. The election itself reflected the polarization of the last four years and offered little in the way of direction about what the… Continue reading

We are still living in deeply divided times

“We know what the best thing would be. It would be an agreement that sends the signal to our economy, and to the world, that after years of punting on the major fiscal challenges we face, 2013 is going to… Continue reading

Why The Trade Issue Matters On Election Day

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With Election Day only 15 days away, it’s clear that economic issues will drive both President Obama and Governor Romney’s closing arguments. Despite unemployment dropping below 8 percent in the most recent jobs report, poll after poll shows that likely… Continue reading