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Donald Trump for president? The 2016 race just got fun

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I know. I know. “Trump is flawed” the critics say. “He is a clown.” “He is a buffoon.” “He’s divorced…twice.” “He has business bankruptcies.” Yes, all true. And Reagan was a failed B-movie actor who played second fiddle to a… Continue reading

Time to pull your kids out of public school?

My high school colors were green and white. At graduation the boys wore green robes and the girls wore white. No one considered the girls inferior because of the color of their robes.
Today, we live in different times. My… Continue reading

Obama’s gone from bad to wuss

As the days of the Obama presidency dwindle down, bad actors everywhere are in a rush to grab what they can. After all, they are not likely ever again to get such a weak president as Barack Obama, and they… Continue reading

Fake campaigns don’t deserve real campaign coverage

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May 19, 2015: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks to small business owners at the Bike Tech cycling shop. (AP)

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Buzz Cut:• Fake campaigns don’t deserve real… Continue reading

Mr. Obama, climate change didn’t create ISIS, Boko Haram

I didn’t attend my commencement ceremony at American University in Washington, D.C. I chose instead to receive my degree in the mail. I didn’t want to listen to a boring speaker, likely unaffiliated with the school or anyone in it,… Continue reading

Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio and the false god of American politics

If you visit Mount Olympus, you will see scores of crumbling statues to false gods once worshipped by ancient Greeks. The same is true in Rome, where statues of political gods, notably those named Caesar, lay in ruins.
We are… Continue reading

National security and the 2016 election

Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, foreign and defense policies have been far from his highest priorities. Instead, as he said explicitly in 2008, Obama is seeking to “fundamentally transform” America. This domestic focus has driven national security to the margins, except… Continue reading

Why I don’t believe the April jobs report (and you shouldn’t either)

It’s getting really embarrassing. It’s hard to believe this is America. The mainstream media no longer prints the truth, they just print whatever lies make Obama look best.
Are we living in a Banana Republic, where the media covers-up for… Continue reading

Britain 2015: What Americans can learn from UK election

LONDON — They called it “Question Time,” borrowing the term from the prime minister’s weekly appearance in the House of Commons, but this was surprisingly and refreshingly different.
On Thursday, the three main candidates for prime minister — David Cameron,… Continue reading

US reportedly in talks on keeping restrictions on ‘Taliban Five’ as deal set to lapse

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The Obama administration reportedly has launched talks with Qatari officials about potentially extending security measures for the five Taliban leaders who were traded a year ago for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, with the agreement governing their supervised release soon set to… Continue reading