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National security and the 2016 election

Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, foreign and defense policies have been far from his highest priorities. Instead, as he said explicitly in 2008, Obama is seeking to “fundamentally transform” America. This domestic focus has driven national security to the margins, except… Continue reading

Why I don’t believe the April jobs report (and you shouldn’t either)

It’s getting really embarrassing. It’s hard to believe this is America. The mainstream media no longer prints the truth, they just print whatever lies make Obama look best.
Are we living in a Banana Republic, where the media covers-up for… Continue reading

Britain 2015: What Americans can learn from UK election

LONDON — They called it “Question Time,” borrowing the term from the prime minister’s weekly appearance in the House of Commons, but this was surprisingly and refreshingly different.
On Thursday, the three main candidates for prime minister — David Cameron,… Continue reading

US reportedly in talks on keeping restrictions on ‘Taliban Five’ as deal set to lapse

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The Obama administration reportedly has launched talks with Qatari officials about potentially extending security measures for the five Taliban leaders who were traded a year ago for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, with the agreement governing their supervised release soon set to… Continue reading

Pander bear: Hillary gets press pass on flip flops

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Buzz Cut:• Pander bear: Hillary gets press pass on flip flops• GOP gathers in S.C. this weekend• Power Play: PAC man fever• Budget vote hot seat for blue… Continue reading

Gay marriage debate: Will we erase the boundaries that have guided humanity for generations?

In 2-1/2 hours of oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday, Justice Anthony Kennedy asked the right question: whether it is appropriate for the Court to discard a definition of marriage that “has been with us for millennia,” adding,… Continue reading

Baltimore proves need for ‘Broken Windows’ policing

Here’s hoping Mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t too busy playing political games and barnstorming the country to absorb the right lessons from the Baltimore riots. If he’s paying attention, he’ll learn a thing or two about policing and that the… Continue reading

Clinton Foundation Controversies And Hillary’s Campaign

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At such a crucial point in the Clinton campaign, the public has yet to hear Hillary articulate a clear message about exactly how she plans to move forward if elected president. Instead, we’ve heard nothing from her side as the… Continue reading

Can Clinton coalition be rebuilt amid racial unrest?

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Buzz Cut:• Can Clinton coalition be rebuilt amid racial unrest?• Baier Tracks: ‘Clinton Cash’ questions not going away• Rand tackles Bush legacy: toppling Saddam a ‘mistake’• Jeb edges Hillary in swing state poll• Ah, youth

Fox News Poll: Voters say fight against ISIS going badly

Voters overwhelmingly believe ISIS is a real threat to the country. ;They also think America’s fight against the Islamic extremists is going badly. ;
That’s according to a new Fox News poll released Wednesday.

Most voters, 81 percent, feel the… Continue reading