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What We Need To Hear From President Obama On His ISIS Strategy Tomorrow Night

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We’ve been hungering for consensus in America and we’ve got it: 91% of Americans see ISIS as a threat to the vital interests of the United States, according to a new Washington Post poll.
71% of respondents support airstrikes in… Continue reading

Obama Asks For $3.7 Billion To Aid Border But What We Really Need Is Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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Yesterday, President Obama requested close to $4 billion from Congress to help handle the surge of young migrants – mostly children 12 years old and under – crossing the Texas border from Central America.
The money will be used to… Continue reading

President Obama Defends His Foreign Policy In West Point Speech — But Where Do We Go From Here?

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In his commencement address at West Point this morning, President Obama offered a defense of his administration’s foreign policy over the past six years and his vision for the future of American foreign policy.
The speech comes on the heels… Continue reading

Please, Mr. President, for the good of the country, let’s delay ObamaCare

Today, President Obama and the Democrats are faced with the opportunity to take a timeout – a timeout from ObamaCare.
I believe that they should delay ObamaCare for six months to a year. America’s health care system isn’t something that… Continue reading

Weak On Syria, Weak In The World

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I am sure they are breathing a sigh of relief – if not celebrating – in Damascus, Tehran and Moscow.
By that I mean that it looks like, at least for the short term, that President Assad has gotten away… Continue reading

Don’t let ObamaCare debate derail search for lifesaving medical cures

In one of their final votes before heading home for Congress’ annual summer recess, House Republicans voted to repeal ObamaCare – for the 40th time. ;
While this bill will not go any further with the Democratic-controlled Senate than their… Continue reading

NSA Oversteps (Again)

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Let me be clear, Edward Snowden will never be a hero or a patriot in my eyes. I will not argue that he is traitor, though he is certainly a criminal. And no amount of revelations as to how the… Continue reading

America’s willful blindness — Obama is a divider not a unifier

The much discussed Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, which was released Thursday morning, shows a sharply divided America. Not much new there.
Half of those surveyed think that the across-the-board spending cuts that went into effect on Friday with the… Continue reading

Why Democrats and Republicans Must Guard Against Unnecessary Regulation

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It goes without saying that President Obama and the Democrats are flying high. The president registered a 60 percent approval rating in an ABC/Washington Post opinion poll out this week, his highest since he took office four years ago. Despite… Continue reading

President Obama Strikes The Right Tone On Gun Control

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The President did what he needed to do yesterday. He set the right tone for the seriousness of the gun control debate, from having students who had written to him about gun control as a backdrop to neatly bifurcating legislative… Continue reading