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Department Of Homeland Security Funding Battles And Entitlement Reform

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We may be headed for another shutdown. This time it’ll be the Department of Homeland Security, caught in the partisan crosshairs over the spending bill which Democrats insist should not have any immigration related amendments.
Most Republicans and Democrats want… Continue reading

Patent Reform And The New Congress

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On December 5, 2013, the House of Representatives did something strange. It passed a bill that helped American businesses.
In response, the Senate did something decidedly more familiar: it killed the bill.
The 2013 Innovation Act was a Patent Reform… Continue reading

An Up And Down Week For ObamaCare

More than 1.1 million people signed up for healthcare through the federal and state exchanges last month, according to data released by the government.
Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, said, “These encouraging trends show that more… Continue reading

A Sad Chapter For America

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“This is not a time to point fingers of blame,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said after the Senate finally reached an agreement on a deal yesterday. “This is a time of reconciliation.”
To be sure, we have moved past… Continue reading

You call this a deal? Congress, Obama set to kick the can … again

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he was hopeful it would be a “bright day.” Republican leader Mitch McConnell seconded Reid’s optimism, “we’ve had a good day,” he commented on Monday.
Indeed, we are on the precipice of a… Continue reading

Why Democrats and Republicans Must Guard Against Unnecessary Regulation

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It goes without saying that President Obama and the Democrats are flying high. The president registered a 60 percent approval rating in an ABC/Washington Post opinion poll out this week, his highest since he took office four years ago. Despite… Continue reading

Romney takes a giant step in the right direction

Accepting his party’s nomination for president Thursday night in Tampa Mitt Romney delivered a solid speech. It succeeded in beginning the process of humanizing the former Massachusetts governor. ;It demonstrated his comittment to women and his view of government. It… Continue reading

Enkhbayar’s Trial Was Just For Show

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As I wrote earlier this week, there is substantial reason to question the health of Mongolia’s democracy. Former President Enkhbayar’s three-day trial demonstrated to the world the corruption of current President Elbegdorj’s regime. The politically driven assault on Enkhbayar has… Continue reading