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Fake campaigns don’t deserve real campaign coverage

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May 19, 2015: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks to small business owners at the Bike Tech cycling shop. (AP)

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Buzz Cut:• Fake campaigns don’t deserve real… Continue reading

How to write an entire novel on a plane

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You may be the most productive at 30,000 with limited distractions. (iStock)

I’m rarely more productive than I am on planes. Even with the infringement of in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming satellite television, I still manage to accomplish more at 30,000… Continue reading

Why I don’t believe the April jobs report (and you shouldn’t either)

It’s getting really embarrassing. It’s hard to believe this is America. The mainstream media no longer prints the truth, they just print whatever lies make Obama look best.
Are we living in a Banana Republic, where the media covers-up for… Continue reading

Should you disobey most laws?

Charles Murray, already controversial for writing books on how welfare hurts the poor, on ethnic differences in IQ and on (less controversial, but my favorite) happiness and good government, has written a new book that argues that it’s time for… Continue reading

The Foxhole: Matt Bai on Gary Hart, tabloid politics, and America’s ‘Aha!’ moment

Matt Bai is a sharp and likable guy, a seasoned reporter with an open face and ears that are always wide open: Like all good reporters, Bai – the national political columnist for Yahoo News, formerly a longtime political correspondent… Continue reading

Baltimore riots and the price of protest

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April 29, 2015: Members of the National Guard stand outside City Hall in Baltimore. Schools reopened across the city and tensions seemed to ease Wednesday after Baltimore made it through the first night of its curfew without the widespread violence… Continue reading

Attacks on author indicate Clinton concern

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Buzz Cut:• Attacks on author indicate Clinton concern• Right to raise: Jeb may outsource much of campaign to PAC• Cleanup on aisle six: Kochs not backing Walker… yet•… Continue reading

The Foxhole: Richard Breitman on the origins of the Final Solution and the founding of Israel

It was just after noon on a Saturday – April 8, 1933, to be exact – when James G. McDonald, tall and lanky with his thick grey hair shoved over to the side, the very picture of a pinstriped American… Continue reading

Carly Fiorina: Why ex-CEO could give Hillary Clinton a real run for her money

When people speak of “the first woman president” they usually mean Hillary Clinton, who is expected to announce her candidacy soon.
But there’s another woman, a Republican, who will shortly vie for the top job. She is Carly Fiorina, former… Continue reading