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With Only Two Weeks Left Until Election Day, Republicans And Democrats Lack A Plan

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In less than two weeks time, Americans will head to the polls and decide the hotly contested battle for the Senate. Current polling shows that it’s increasingly looking like the Republicans will control both chambers for the next two years.… Continue reading

Why David Jolly’s Florida win should be a warning to Democrats in 2014 and beyond

Tuesday was a dark day for the Democrats.
In the midst of crumbling foreign policy endeavors in Ukraine, Syria and Iran and an ever-growing backlash over President Obama’s unpopular health care policy, the Democrats lost Florida’s 13th Congressional district in… Continue reading

What Christie, McAuliffe victories mean for America

Tuesday’s election results underscore the degree to which American politics has been stood on its head.
As columnist Ramesh Ponnuru argues in the New York Post, it is logical to expect that in more conservative Virginia Lt. Governor Ken Cuccinelli… Continue reading

A Sad Chapter For America

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“This is not a time to point fingers of blame,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said after the Senate finally reached an agreement on a deal yesterday. “This is a time of reconciliation.”
To be sure, we have moved past… Continue reading

Don’t let ObamaCare debate derail search for lifesaving medical cures

In one of their final votes before heading home for Congress’ annual summer recess, House Republicans voted to repeal ObamaCare – for the 40th time. ;
While this bill will not go any further with the Democratic-controlled Senate than their… Continue reading

Yes, Virginia, there really is a way to balance the budget

President Obama is set to propose his “compromise” budget plan on Wednesday. His budget is reported to trim the deficit by $1.8 trillion over the next ten years, with nearly $600 billion in savings coming from additional revenue and $1.2… Continue reading

The Compromise That Americans Want To Break The Budget Deadlock

In the past few weeks, Democrats and Republicans have offered up competing budget proposals—the Democrats in the Senate, the Republicans in the House—to address the nation’s mounting fiscal challenges.
The two budgets are roughly $1 trillion apart on taxes and… Continue reading