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It’s a bling thing: Trump and Hillary two of a kind


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Buzz Cut:• It’s a bling thing: Trump and Hillary two of a kind• Hillary courts union bosses, but base loves Bernie• Walker raids Jeb’s home turf• Take… Continue reading

The GOP’s judicial logjam

As the hot Washington summer approaches August, the Senate’s Republican majority is already on vacation from the work of confirming judges. At the current torpid pace, they will put the lowest number of judges on the federal bench in any… Continue reading

Perry points way forward for GOP on race

What is Rick Perry up to?
The former Texas governor looks to be cutting himself out of the conservative herd. He recently blasted his fellow Republicans for losing “our moral legitimacy as the party of Lincoln, as the party of… Continue reading

Shelby announces 50th anniversary Daytona Coupe

Image daytona-shelby-50.jpg





The original ;Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe ;is the stuff of legend. Just six of them were built between 1964 and 1965, and in ’65 the car helped secure the Constructors’ title in the FIA World Sportscar… Continue reading

Dems face test on radical Islam

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Buzz Cut:• Dems face test on radical Islam• Gun-free zones under fire• Power Play: Planned Parenthood game changer• Trump feast means famine for second tier• Ah, Germany…
DEMS… Continue reading

Fox News Poll: Reshuffling of GOP field, many agree with Trump on immigration

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The latest Fox News national poll finds another reshuffling in the race for the 2016 Republican nomination, as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gets a post-announcement bump and businessman Donald Trump claims more of the spotlight. ;
Former Secretary of State… Continue reading

EPA distorts health benefits of mega-costly clean-air rule

Image EPAGUARD660.jpg

FILE: 2010: An EPA worker monitoring a beach in Pensacola, Florida. (REUTERS)

EXCLUSIVE: The Environmental Protection Agency is exaggerating the potential health benefits—especially for children—it says result from a new rule that will set sharply lower ozone levels across the… Continue reading

Will your future be built by entrepreneurs or by politicians?

ObamaCare! The War on Drugs! A War on Poverty! Prohibition!The idea that government will bring social progress isn’t new.
Europe’s monarchs believed in big government long before there was a Soviet Union or a welfare state. Eighteenth-century philosopher Voltaire praised… Continue reading

‘Vilifying’ Hillary Clinton? New York Times wary of conservative oppo research

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The New York Times gets some credit, I guess, for trying to divine how the conservative opposition plans to go after Hillary Clinton.
And the paper had cooperation from one such PAC, American Crossroads, founded by Karl Rove. The organization… Continue reading

Class clash: Hillary tries to head off Walker

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Buzz Cut:

Class clash: Hillary tries to head off Walker
2016 GOP Power Index: Trumping Carly
Ready to ;take five?
Gee, wonder if anyone will mention Trump?… Continue reading