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Jeb Bush staying on campaign sidelines — but not for long?

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At every stop along the undeclared campaign trail, Jeb Bush studiously reminds voters that he is not yet running for president.
“I’m not a candidate, and if I am a candidate, this is a long journey,” Bush told a crowd… Continue reading

Latest bets in the Candidate Casino

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This is a rush transcript from “Special Report,” April 17, 2015. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

FORMER GOV. JEB BUSH, R – FL: My record is a conservative one.… Continue reading

Dana (Perino) goes to Washington

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I was seven-years-old when I first visited the White House. My mom had a high school friend that worked on Air Force One manifests, and she invited us for a tour while my parents and I were in the nation’s… Continue reading

French Alps crash shows psychiatrists cannot be last line of defense

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French Red Cross members pay tribute March 28, 2015, to the victims of a Germanwings plane crash in front of a stone slab erected as a monument in Le Vernet, France. (AP Photo/Claude Paris)

There has been a lot of… Continue reading

The plant that gives you a better night’s rest

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Drinking chamomile tea can calm you down and get you ready for bed, but there are some other natural ways to help you get some zzz’s.
Here’s a question we received from a viewer:

Dear Dr. Manny,I’ve heard that there… Continue reading

Olive oil may prevent cancer, study finds

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Olive oil, a staple of the Mediterranean diet and long hailed as a cardiovascular health enhancer, is now showing promise as a cancer preventive. That’s the exciting news from a recently published study in the scientific journal Molecular & Cellular… Continue reading

Hundreds support Iranian mystic facing death sentence

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Taheri was nearly done with his prison sentence when the court changed the charge to one that carries the death penalty.

A man who taught mysticism in Iran faces the death penalty after already serving almost four years in prison,… Continue reading

Illinois’ new GOP governor throws down gauntlet in union, spending fight

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While Bruce Rauner campaigned for governor of Illinois, he repeatedly promised change. Opponents, supporters and undecided voters alike complained he never defined what that change meant.
Now they know.

In his first budget address to the Illinois General Assembly, the… Continue reading