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UN investigators said to take nude photo, ask about prostitution in under-age rape case

This undated filed photo shows MINUSCA, the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (CAR), on patrol in the capital Bangui. (UN photo)

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EXCLUSIVE: United Nations peacekeeping investigators looking… Continue reading

Hillary’s doomsday clock is ticking

Back in 1992, as a bimbo eruption threatened Bill Clinton’s firstpresidential campaign, he and Hillary rolled the dice with a “60 Minutes”interview. Looking tense and wearing a trademark headband, she supported himeven as she insisted with a Southern twang, “I’m… Continue reading

What every parent knows (and Target doesn’t) about boys and girls

G.K. Chesterton, a prolific writer of the early 20th century, once said, “Don’t be so open-minded that your brains fall out.”
Nowhere is this mantra more evident than with the latest news about Target’s gender-neutral policy. The retail giant has… Continue reading

As Hillary’s poll numbers drop, candidate Clinton plays dirty

President Obama came into office promising to unify America, but he has made political discourse meaner and more cynical. Whenever Mr. Obama is playing a weak hand, he questions the motivations of those who disagree with him and mangles the… Continue reading

Hillary’s best case scenario gets worse

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Buzz Cut:• Hillary’s best case scenario gets worse• Protection is their middle name• Does it come on a stick? Iowa State Fair kicks off• Carson gets real on… Continue reading

Black-balled: LA tries spherical scheme to block evaporation amid drought

Is a bevy of black balls – 96 million to be exact – a crucial solution in helping California manage its calamitous drought?
On Monday, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti deployed the final 20,000 of the 96 million “shade balls”… Continue reading

Exclusive: Another U.N. child sex crime allegation: who knew what and when?

MINUSCA peacekeepers on patrol in the Central African Republic. (United Nations MINUSCA)

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United Nations officials up to the level of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon himself were scrambling to come up with statements Tuesday after… Continue reading

Hillary: Trump, Republicans all alike

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Buzz Cut:• Hillary: Trump, Republicans all alike• Nurses side with Bernie• Jeb points the finger at Hillary for ISIS rise• Perry peoples’ pay plight• Tale of the flying… Continue reading

Iran deal: Why Chuck Schumer has surprised the heck out of me

Never has being wrong felt so good, nor has a mistake been so worth celebrating.
Chuck Schumer surprised me in all the best ways. His opposition to the terrible Iran nuke deal is breathtakingly bold and opens the door to… Continue reading

What is happening in the brain of my teenage children?

Raising teenagers is no easy task. Risk taking, emotional drama and attitudes all play a part in growing up during adolescence. It’s often difficult for parents to know what’s really going on inside the minds of their teens, but could… Continue reading