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America’s willful blindness — Obama is a divider not a unifier

The much discussed Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, which was released Thursday morning, shows a sharply divided America. Not much new there.
Half of those surveyed think that the across-the-board spending cuts that went into effect on Friday with the… Continue reading

There was no ‘tipping point’ in the 2012 election

There was no tipping point in this election. Former Gov. Mitt Romney simply made a number of strategic errors that cost him and the Republican Party the presidency, and any hope that they had of winning control of the U.S.… Continue reading

Who are the voters who haven’t decided to vote for Obama or Romney?

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns are going to be focused on a select group of voters in the final two weeks until election day. They are operating under the assumption that minds can be changed in the last weeks… Continue reading

Why The Trade Issue Matters On Election Day

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With Election Day only 15 days away, it’s clear that economic issues will drive both President Obama and Governor Romney’s closing arguments. Despite unemployment dropping below 8 percent in the most recent jobs report, poll after poll shows that likely… Continue reading

A Narrow Win For Romney

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Tonight’s presidential debate lived up to the hype. It was clear that Romney was well prepared, showing America a lively and focused side that we have yet to see thus far in the campaign.
And although we saw Obama win… Continue reading

The June Jobs Report Will Have A Greater Impact On President Obama’s Standing Than The Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling

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New Poll: Both Parties Face Key Challenges In Wake of Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling

Doug Schoen

Cronyism At Its Worst In Mongolia

Doug Schoen

What The Obamacare Ruling Means For Campaign 2012

Doug… Continue reading

Why the White House is Nervous

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Mongolia’s Slide Toward Autocracy Should Set Off Alarm Bells For West

Doug Schoen

A Deeper Look At President Elbegdorj’s Statement

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Great Strides Made In Developing New Medicines For Cancer

Doug Schoen… Continue reading