Trump 2016? – Jeb Bush Makes It Official


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush takes the stage as he formally joins the race for president with a speech at Miami Dade College, Monday, June 15, 2015, in Miami. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Controversial television personality and businessman Donald Trump expected to throw his hat in the ring today at 11am. He’s likely to announce he’s running for President claiming he’s worth 9 billion dollars in a release at his announcement.

Bob Cusack will weigh in.

Jeb Bush made it official yesterday afternoon. The former Florida Governor speaking before a diverse crowd in Florida said, “Not a one of us deserves the job by right of resume, party, seniority, family, or family narrative. It’s nobody’s turn. It’s everybody’s test.”

The Washington Post writing, “Against a diverse tableau at a boisterous rally here in the state he governed for eight years, Bush offered himself as a compassionate and tested chief executive who would fix a broken federal government and disrupt the country’s political brinkmanship.”

Dan Balz also in the Washington Post writing, “His speech, delivered to an energized audience at Miami Dade College, was peppered with criticism of President Obama, Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, the progressive establishment and the lobbyist-dominated Washington culture. It was both personal and thematic, short on policy details but not on offering a road map to the kind of campaign he will run and the kind of president he would like to be. It was an opportunity for Bush to refocus attention on himself – and it was a call to Republicans to look more fully at who he is and isn’t and at what he has to offer.”

Beth Reinhard in the Wall Street Journal writes, “Jeb Bush, heir to one of American’s most successful political dynasties, sought to jump-start his presidential campaign Monday as a scrappy political outsider after failing in recent months to emerge as the undisputed front-runner for the 2016 Republican nomination.”

Jeb Bush is in New Hampshire campaigning today, and Carl Cameron is covering for us live.

A huge blow to Al Qaeda. A U.S. airstrike in Yemen has killed Nasir al-Wahishi – Al Qaeda’s number 2 and leader of its wing in Yemen.

A separate U.S. airstrike over the weekend in Libya killed several high-ranking terrorists though the target – a top leader named Mokhtar Belmokhtar – may have escaped death.

The House could take up the President’s troubled fast track free trade bill again today. It has not picked up any more Democratic support. In fact, Hillary Clinton has come out against it in a non-direct way. Mike Emanuel will update us on its chances.

The House oversight and Government Reform Committee holding a hearing today into two cyberattacks that compromised the names and information of all government employees. China being blamed.

Longtime Clinton friend and aide Sidney Blumenthal set to testify today before the House panel investigating the Benghazi terror attacks that killed four Americans. Fox News has learned 60 emails were handed over by Blumenthal’s lawyers last night.

Texas is expected to get pounded with rain today as Tropical Storm Bill moves into Texas.. Up to 12 inches of rain expected in parts of Texas. Eastern Texas and Eastern Oklahoma could get as much as 8 inches of rain. Western Arkansas could get 2-4 inches of rain.

Two wildfires burning in Alaska are threatening homes, forcing evacuations, and forcing the rescue of at least 500 sled dogs.

A balcony collapsed last night in Berkeley, California killing five and injuring 8 others. The fourth floor balcony gave way in the early morning hours. The injuries are pretty bad. The death toll may rise. Claudia Cowan reporting.

Pope Francis expected to speak out on global warming this week attacking deniers and calling on the nation’s rich and powerful to act immediately on what he’s calling a crisis.

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