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Video Proof Of Russian Military In Ukraine Emerges

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We’ve all known for months that Putin has been support the pro-Russian separtists in Eastern Ukraine, despite his denials. They had weapons, funding and ground support that couldn’t have come from anywhere but Moscow, but there was never obvious and… Continue reading

Russian Forces Inside Ukraine

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It is being characterized as an incursion and not an invasion at this point, but whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure: the Russians are coming.
Just days ago, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen warned… Continue reading

Impeachment Talk Won’t Help The GOP

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The Republicans are standing on the brink of yet another missed opportunity to capitalize on a Democrat party with their backs against the wall.
Obamacare is still struggling. There are thousands of illegal migrants streaming across the southern border. Ukraine… Continue reading

My New Book – The End Of Authority: How A Loss Of Legitimacy And Broken Trust Are Endangering Our Future

Consider the state of the world today: in Washington, the Democratic and Republican parties finally agreed on a deal to raise the debt ceiling after Tea Party Republicans held the country hostage over their wild goose chase to defund ObamaCare,… Continue reading

Barely A Deal, Certainly Not A Solution

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“Berrinche.” That’s the word many Mexicans now use to describe Washington. What does it mean? Tantrums.
The Mexicans, and indeed our critics across the globe, couldn’t be more on the money. Our legislators have become nothing more than petulant children,… Continue reading

What Do We Do Now? The Way Forward For The President, Congress And America

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Things look very different than 2011.
Indeed, the conflict over raising the debt ceiling strikes a familiar note. And the power players are the same, too. But while President Obama talked to House Speaker Boehner almost every day during the… Continue reading

Obama Plays Politics With The NSA

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As I discussed in my most recent post, thanks to last week’s newest revelation–that the NSA scans virtually all communications between Americans and their correspondents overseas, based on the conveniently inexplicit and ambiguous rule that the NSA may “seek to… Continue reading

Edward Snowden And The Obama Agenda

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Google’s War On Government Secrecy

Kashmir Hill
Forbes Staff

After NSA Leaks, Senators Re-Introduce Bill To Reduce Patriot Act Secrecy

Andy Greenberg
Forbes Staff

As the world was first introduced to Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old… Continue reading