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2016: Hillary Clinton and the O’Malley factor

Martin O’Malley, former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor, announced his presidential candidacy on Saturday, and said some things that could be taken as criticism of President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
“Today, the American dream seems for… Continue reading

2 pastors in Sudan face death over Christian faith

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Yat Michael Ruot, a Presbyterian pastor from South Sudan, was arrested after preaching in Sudan in December.

Two Christian pastors from South Sudan who traveled north to Sudan and were arrested on charges of spying could face the death penalty… Continue reading

A tale of two politicians who hate the press: Obama attacks, Hillary hides

Most politicians occasionally get upset at the media. But few demonstrate as much contempt for journalists as do Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Sometimes it appears they’d prefer a state-run media rather than a free press.
For example, last week… Continue reading

Fox News Poll: Voters believe White House incompetent, US still in recession and ISIS has moved next door

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Majorities of voters feel the country is still in recession, think terrorists are living in their hometown and rate the Obama White House handling of the government as incompetent.
Those are some of the findings from the latest Fox News… Continue reading

Fox News poll: 48 percent favor same-sex marriage, 51 percent say legalize marijuana

The country remains divided on same-sex marriage, according to the latest Fox News poll.
Currently 48 percent favor legalizing same-sex marriage, while 44 percent are opposed. ;

Just 32 percent of voters said gays should be allowed to marry legally… Continue reading

Fox News Poll: Voters are feeling better about the economy, but not great

More than half of voters remain dissatisfied with the direction of the country — despite economic sentiment improving significantly since President Obama took office. That’s according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. ;
Fifty-six percent of voters are dissatisfied… Continue reading

Our fawning press and Hillary Clinton’s Iowa magical mystery tour

Maybe the third time Hillary Clinton runs for president, she’ll get it exactly right. That Goldilocks campaign – in 2020? — will be large and distinguished enough to accommodate a woman who has been prominent on the national stage for… Continue reading

ISIS demanding $30 million to free Christian hostages, Assyrian source says

ISIS men destroy various Christian symbols in Nineveh, Iraq.

EXCLUSIVE – Islamic State militants are demanding up to $30 million in ransom to release the hundreds of Christian hostages in Syria, according to an officer within the Assyrian leadership.
In… Continue reading

First one in: Karl Rove on Ted Cruz’s window of opportunity

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Karl Rove, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, explained the strategy behind Sen. Ted Cruz’s decision to become the first Republican candidate to officially enter the 2016 White House race.
“Easter’s coming up in a couple of weeks.… Continue reading

From Ferguson to immigration: Obama’s divide and conquer political strategy has failed our nation

A recent Quinnipiac poll shows support for illegal immigrants at 48 percent, a historic low. This is what the president’s cynical manipulation of the Hispanic community has delivered: a hardening of American attitudes. The same distancing will likely occur between… Continue reading