Another day, another Clinton black eye

Another day, another Clinton black eye — or two. Both continue the plotlines that threaten Hillary’s Oval Office dreams.

First comes more evidence of the family’s sheer greed. The Washington Post reports that the University of Missouri at Kansas City wanted Hillary to speak at the opening of its women’s hall of fame last year, but backed off when she demanded $275,000. So the school, acting like a sucker waiting to be plucked, settled for Chelsea Clinton, who spent a half-hour on site for $65,000.

At more than $2,000 a minute, what a bargain.

The second poisonous story adds to Hillary’s reputation for dishonesty. It blows up her claim that she never encouraged slimy pal Sid Blumenthal to write intelligence-based emails about Libya when she was secretary of state.

The stories add to the inescapable conclusion that she’s a greedy liar.

The truth emerged when some­ ­emails Blumenthal turned over to Congress were not included in the ones Clinton gave the State Department. She insisted she turned over all that were work-related, but The New York Times saw at least nine relevant ones that Blumenthal provided that Clinton didn’t.

In some, Clinton asked for additional information, and said in another, “Thanks for keeping this stuff coming.” She also tried to hide Blumenthal’s name, asking aides if they could “print for me w/o any identifiers?”

The stories add to the inescapable conclusion that she’s a greedy liar.

Everything else is detail.

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Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist.