The Message Obama and Democrats Got from Iowa

Photo credit: AP

Make no mistake. For the White  House, the Iowa  caucuses were a huge victory.


Because no clear frontrunner emerged, and the data  shows that Mitt  Romney at the very least is a very vulnerable winner.

Romney got traditional, upscale, suburban,  moderately conservative Republican voters. He did not do particularly well with Tea  Party voters, and he did not do particularly well even with moderate  Republicans, who went with Ron  Paul.

Paul, by contrast, brought new voters into the process, and was able to win the  independents who participated, as well as those who were looking for a true  conservative. Rick  Santorum did best with social conservatives, and won the Tea Party voters  and very conservative constituencies.

This tells the White House that there are huge  opportunities in this swing state. The President and his supporters understand  that in a state Obama won by nine points in 2008, there will be a real  opportunity to make inroads with independents, who until recently have  overwhelmingly been trending away from the president.

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