7 pregnancy apps for healthy moms and babies


Between doctor’s appointments, childbirth classes, eating healthy and exercising, pregnancy is a busy time. Then add in all of the questions that come up about your health and your baby’s development, what’s safe and what’s not, labor, delivery and beyond, and it’s enough to make any pregnant woman want to take a nap.

Take heed. There are a ton of pregnancy apps to help you stay healthy and relaxed from the minute you conceive until the day your baby is born. Here are seven top picks:

1. The Pregnancy Companion App:

The only app created by board certified OB/GYNs, Pregnancy Companion: The Obstetrician’s Mobile Guide to Pregnancy features daily pregnancy tips and tools to track your baby’s growth, due date and check the safety of medications. The app also includes a hydration and weight tracker, a calendar for appointments and a contraction timer. The “Ask the Docs” premium feature allows you to directly message a board-certified OB/GYN to get answers to your most pressing questions, anytime, anywhere. Available on iOS and Android.

2. I Am Totally Pregnant:

The Totally Pregnant app uses your due date and location to provide a customized experience throughout your pregnancy. See a 3-D animation of a fetus as it grows, and access weekly and monthly guides with information about pregnancy and raising children. You can get your questions answered by a panel of pregnancy and parenting experts, watch videos sent in by other moms and take prenatal and postnatal classes, including Lamaze. The app also has tips, an album and a nutrition manager, and uses your location to find local healthcare providers and businesses. Available on iOS and Android.

3. The Healthy Baby Bump:

The Healthy Baby Bump by Kiqplan is a digital coaching app for your first and second trimesters. Using information from an activity tracker, smart phone or another compatible app, Kiqplan devises a customized plan. Get expert advice on nutrition and easy recipes, weekly health tips, workout videos and progress reports. $19.99. Available on iOS and Android.

4. The Ovia:

The Ovia pregnancy app uses a high-tech, personalized approach to let you track your pregnancy and your baby’s development. The app analyzes millions of data points and information from individual users to deliver personalized feedback. Get daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s size and development, and critical health alerts for risks to your pregnancy. You can also track your weight, sleep, mood and activity and look up information about food, symptoms and medications. Available on iOS and Android.

5. The What to Expect Pregnancy Clock Apple Watch App:

The What to Expect Pregnancy Clock features personalized weekly updates, images of your baby’s growth milestones, and tips and notifications synchronized with your baby’s development.

6. The My Obstetrics App:

The My Obstetrics app provides information about your baby’s growth and all of the changes happening to your body. The app allows you to calculate your BMI, add emergency contacts, set appointment reminders and keep track of your weight. Available on Windows phone.

7. The First Response Tracker App

The First Response Tracker app calculates each week of your pregnancy and calculates your due date. The app also includes weekly progress alerts and links to information about pregnancy. Available on iOS and Android.

Julie Revelant is a freelance writer and copywriter specializing in parenting, health, healthcare, nutrition, food and women’s issues. She’s also a mom of two. Learn more about Julie at revelantwriting.com.

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