Best holiday gadget gifts for dear old dad


Want to get your dad a gadgety gift this holiday season? Of course you do — he’s got enough BBQ brush sets! Here are a few of my favorite gadget picks for dear old dad this holiday season.

Pivothead Camera Glasses. Not only will your dad look a little cooler in these, he can also record HD video from a Dad’s Eye View. The polarized glasses have UV protection which makes them a great pair of shades but also a built-in camera that lets dad record what he sees with just the touch of a button. They retail for $299.

Slingbox. For the dad on the go, a Slingbox will help him tune into any TV he doesn’t want to miss while he is away. The Slingbox works with your existing cable box and accesses anything that is being broadcast live or is recorded on your home DVR. Dad can watch from an iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, PC, and more. Great for sports fans and if your dad uses it to watch his soap operas, well, we won’t tell! The Slingbox options start at $179.

Cobra Vedetta. This is a radar detector that will help dad be safer on the road. It not only keeps lookout for radar and red light cameras, it also alerts you to speed traps and high accident areas. This is not a license to speed, it is a license to drive with more information that keeps you alert on the road. The new Cobra Vedetta retails for $239.

House of Marley. How about some earbuds? This is one of my favorite gifts to receive. The new line of headphones from House of Marley not only sound great but they are also made from sustainable material and wrapped in material that keeps them from tangling up in your pocket. Just like Bob Marley would have wanted. Starting at only $29, they are a great deal. If you want to go for superior sound quality, Klipsh is one of the best brands on the market with models starting at $99.

Sony Vaio Duo. If Dad wants a slim and speedy laptop, you can’t go wrong with the Duo. The screen is an adjustable high definition touchscreen that slides open and closed to act as a tablet or laptop. It is one of the more impressive laptops running the new Windows 8. Starting at $1,199.

Libratone Portable Speakers. Want big sound out of a small speaker? This is the gift for you. The Libratone is wireless and portable. Absolutely no wires are needed to charge and play music from an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. They come in changeable Italian wool covers in a variety of colors. They are available in the Apple store for $399.

iPing Golf. Help dad improve his swing by attaching the iPing Golf to a putter to give him precise information on his technique. Download the free app to your Apple device and dad well have a personal coach helping to lower his handicap. It is available through Apple for $29.99

Clayton Morris joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in 2008 and is the co-host of FOX & Friends Weekend. Clayton covers technology for FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. He’s also the creator of ReadQuick a speed reading app for iOS.