Best photo apps for the iPhone shutterbug


And the award for best picture app goes to…

Thanks to a few years of steady improvements to digital photography, millions of people now take pictures with their all-in-one, all purpose smartphones. Here are a few of the best photo apps for sharing among friends and family, combining video footage with still images, and creating unique pics.

Moshpic / Camera+
Say you don’t necessarily want to share all of your photos from the weekend with your entire social media friends, but you do want to show them to a smaller group—download Moshpic. ;The free app allows you to sync stacks of photos between iPhones and also chat about them.

Moshpic creates a more intimate sharing experience that is totally private between you and the friends you choose to share with. You can keep the memories flowing by chatting right next to the uploaded pictures.

The app also gives users the ability to sync and save images directly to their camera roll in a separate album.

Moshpic seamlessly works with Camera+, an easy to use picture editing app, allowing you to immediately share after you put that extra touch on photos.

Download Camera+: Apple iTunes
Download Moshpic: Apple iTunes

Transform videos into fun photos with the Cinemagram app. Adding life to still images, the free app gives you the ability to take a freeze frame of a video then animate a portion of the pic for unique creations.

You can then add vintage or cross processing filters to your photo/video hybrid — and of course share via Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr directly through Cinemagram. ;

Download Cinemagram: Apple iTunes

Another way to get creative is with FreezePaint. Point and shoot multiple pictures then mash them together, overlay images, cut and paste and more for original remixes.

First snap a picture, then use your finger to “paint” over areas or snap multiple pics and combine them. For example you can make it look like you were on vacation, by transplanting your image into a beach scene, or take your pet’s face and put it on a human body. The options are as endless as the world around you.

Download FreezePaint: Apple iTunes

Here’s how it works:

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