British man convicted in 1993 murder of 2-year-old released from prison

One of two men who were convicted in the grisly murder of a 2-year-old British boy in 1993 has been released from prison for a second time.

Jon Venables was 10 years old when he and Robert Thompson were found guilty of abducting Bulger from a shopping center, beating him to death with bricks and stones, and then leaving his mutilated body on railroad tracks in Liverpool.

Venables served an eight-year-prison term and was released in 2001. Now 31, Venables is being let out of prison again after pleading guilty to downloading and distributing child pornography in 2010.

He has been given a second new identity at a cost of $428,000, Sky News reports.

A friend, who was not named, said Bulger’s father, Ralph, fears that Venables will commit more crime.

She told Sky News that Bulger’s family was given little information about Venables’ release.

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