Cookbook and food trucks: Ways to get your ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2 fix

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    The Crazy Pyes food truck – inspired by Orange Is the New Black character Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren – is giving out free pie and chocolate-and-vanilla swirled ice cream cones. (Elena Ferretti)

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    Netflix has already debuted a Crazy Pyes truck in Mexico City, and plans to hit additional cities throughout June. (Elena Ferretti)

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    An Orange Is the New Black cookbook and Crazy Pyes food truck are two outside the box ways kick off the new season. (Elena Ferretti)

Binging on the new season of Orange is the New Black? Never fear, once you burn through those episodes, you’ll have the chance to chow down on prison grub you can make at home with Orange Is the New Black: The Cookbook, Bites, Booze, Secrets, and Stories from Inside the Big House (Abrams), set to debut this fall.

The cookbook offers recipes for meals, snacks, desserts and drinks inspired by the hit Netflix series.

The official “Orange Is The New Black” Twitter account has previously tweeted recipes for dishes like Prison Pasteles (corn chips, processed cheese, beef jerky and water); Correctional Cheesecake (coffee creamer, graham crackers, pudding and cheese); Cell Caramel Lattes (milk, instant coffee and caramel candy); Prison Pad Thai (ramen, peanut butter, peanuts and hot sauce); and more.

But according to publisher Abrams Books, food in the book will be not be “sparse” and “unappetizing” like the Twitter recipes–and won’t just revisit food seen on the show, but it will “dig deeper” into the characters’ lives.

Michael Jacobs, CEO and president of Abrams says he’s “is excited by the opportunity the book’s publication presents.” Jacobs told via email that the book will be “perfectly aligned with the amazing storytelling and character development in the show.”

If you can’t wait for the fall, be on the lookout for Netflix’ Crazy Pyes food truck, which will be in Los Angeles the week of June 17, following stints in New York City, Mexico City and Guadalajara.

The truck, inspired by inmate, Susan “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Uzo Aduba), Crazy Pyes, is helping promote season two, released on June 06. Anyone who’s willing to wait on the long lines will get free mini-fruit pies or chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream – the swirl symbolizing an interracial relationship — a nod to Crazy Eyes’ early infatuation for Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling). The pie coined a now classic break-up line, after Crazy Eyes throws a pie at a rival and claims Chapman as, “my wife.” Chapman whispers, “I’m, not your wife.” Crazy Eyes, annoyed, responds, “I threw my pie for you.”

Food plays a major role in the Netflix hit show, used as a metaphor for power or class –or used to showcase the prison ingenuity to whip up a dish ingredients you’d be lucky to find at a convenience store. The website Digg,com called it “essentially a cooking show set in a prison.”

Eating like your favorite fictional character isn’t new, says Matt Sartwell, co-owner of New York specialty book store, Kitchen Arts and Letters. There’s a whole genre of movie- and TV-inspired cookbooks from “Gone With the Wind” to “The Brady Bunch” to “Game of Thrones.” But the food generally has “no logical connection to what actually appears on the show,” says Sartwell, because “these books are intended mostly as souvenirs.”

OITNB may reverse that trend since specific dishes are integral to both characters and plot. Maybe Correctional Cheesecakewill end up in the pantheon of TV recipes right next to Honey Boo Boo’s Sketti and Michelle Duggar’s Tater Tot Casserole.