Countdown to 1st GOP Debate

President Obama unveiling strict new controls on pollution today. The rules and regulations are designed to drastically cut the amount of greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere. Many corporations and states are poised to file lawsuits to challenge the new regulations that would cut some emissions by as much as 32% by 2030. The President makes the official announcement today at 2:15 p.m. Doug McKelway reporting.

U.S. senators vote today on ending federal aid to Planned Parenthood. Shannon Bream reporting.

There is a big presidential forum tonight in New Hampshire. 14 candidates are participating. The biggest name missing will be Donald Trump who’s pretty much number one in most polls right now. Molly Line reporting.

Rick Perry is holding a roundtable at Noon. We’ll monitor for news. Perry is close to not making the first debate this week in Cleveland.

Hillary Clinton has started airing the first ads of her run for the White House. Hillary is running ads in New Hampshire and Iowa as she enters a new stage of the campaign. Clinton facing strong competition from Bernie Sanders. Now we learn Joe Biden is strongly considering entering the race. Ed Henry reporting.

We’ll also be looking ahead to the Fox News debate on Thursday. How does the huge field of GOP candidates look as we approach the first debate? We’ll put that question to Bret Baier and Karl Rove .

The Greek stock market reopened today for the first time in more than a month, and promptly fell 22%. We’ll get an update.

Oil prices continue to fall.. well below $50 a barrel. It’s bad news for many oil and gas companies, but great news for consumers and car dealers. Phil Flynn joins us in the 11am to talk about the economic impact. The one place where the fall in oil prices has not made much of a difference is airline prices? So why aren’t airfares falling in sync with oil prices? Hmm. We’ll get into that in the 1pm hour.

We’re also keeping an eye on several major fires burning in drought-stricken California, Washington and Oregon. At least 21 fires are being tracked right now. 25 homes have been destroyed so far in the Rocky Fire in CA. 6500 homes are threatened. William La Jeunesse reporting.

A police officer in Memphis was shot and killed during a traffic stop over the weekend. There is a manhunt under way for a suspect who is armed and dangerous.

Scare in the air at JFK. Three pilots say they had close calls with drones. It’s a growing problem for pilots (and passengers!). Rick Leventhal reporting.

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