Donald Trump for president? The 2016 race just got fun

I know. I know. “Trump is flawed” the critics say. “He is a clown.” “He is a buffoon.” “He’s divorced…twice.” “He has business bankruptcies.” Yes, all true. And Reagan was a failed B-movie actor who played second fiddle to a chimp. Heck, Reagan had a failed Vegas lounge act that closed in a week. Reagan was rejected by United Artists executives to PLAY the part of a president. Two years later he was governor of California. Then he went onto become the man polls show is regarded as our greatest modern president. Could Donald Trump be “Reagan, Part Deux?”

Yes, Donald Trump is flawed. But ironically he may be the perfect candidate at the perfect time. Why? Because he says whatever is on his mind.He has no filters. He doesn’t care about political correctness. He doesn’t answer to anyone. Not donors, not handlers, not consultants, not pollsters and God bless him, not the media. Donald Trump is his own man. Trump says whatever he wants because he is worth $9 billion dollars.

Highlights from The Donald's campaign kickoff

“The Donald” doesn’t need any donations. He doesn’t need the support of fat cat donors or multi-national corporations like the other GOP candidates.

He doesn’t need scandalous donations (aka bribes) from foreign governments like Hillary Clinton. Hillary is greedy. We know she thinks of herself as “broke.” Her hubby Bill says he’s still worried about “paying the bills.”

Yes, Donald Trump is flawed. But ironically he may be the perfect candidate at the perfect time. Why? Because he says whatever is on his mind.

Desperate people do desperate things.

But Donald Trump has $9 billion dollars. He never has to do desperate things. He has 9 billion reasons to say whatever he wants — and let the chips fall where they may.

Donald Trump is free to become “Bullworth.” Remember that 1998 movie starring Warren Beatty as U.S. Senator Bullworth? He didn’t give a damn what people thought anymore, so he said whatever he wanted.

He told the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Bullworth stood at the pulpit of a black church and told black voters that the Democratic Party and their politicians claim to want to help you, make all kinds of promises, but they are all lying to get your vote. Then after the election they’re nowhere to be found. They never keep those promises. Why? “Because you don’t donate enough money,” Bullworth admitted. “What’s the proof?” Bullworth asked. “Half your kids are unemployed, the other half are in prison.” The truth hasn’t changed since 1998.

Bullworth dared to tell the truth. And the people loved it! Not only was Bullworth re-elected, he became an instant media sensation and the shocking favorite of voters for president. Honesty is that refreshing. Can real-life imitate art? We are about to find out.

Donald Trump is the real-life Bullworth. When voters listen to the raw truth of Trump next to the “mainstream, establishment candidates” who tell lie after lie to get elected, Donald will shine by comparison. Suddenly it will all become clear — the lies and B.S. aren’t working. The other candidates are scamming you, bribing you, placating you. It’s time for someone willing to tell it like it is. It’s time for a real-life Bullworth.

Maybe, just maybe, Trump will admit out loud the damage President Obama has done to our economy with his socialist policies. It’s time for a politician to ask what socialism did for Greece, or Spain, or Italy, or France, or miserable Cuba? Or Venezuela with food and toilet paper shortages. And what has over 50 straight years of Democrat leadership done for bankrupt, crime-ridden hellholes like Detroit, Chicago or Baltimore? I’m betting Trump is the guy willing to tell the truth.

Maybe he’ll admit there is no economic recovery. It’s all a lie. A mirage. The numbers are gamed. It’s all created with fake money printing by the Fed; artificially low interest rates; and half the country being propped up by government checks.

Maybe he’ll admit that the border is wide open and the illegals flowing across will destroy middle class jobs and drown our nation under a tsunami of welfare, food stamps, free healthcare and the costs for cops, courts and prison. Maybe Trump will tell you that anyone who says illegal immigration is good for the economy is a liar.

Maybe he’ll admit that our open border will soon lead to a terrible terrorist attack. Maybne he’ll ask out loud “What kind of president would purposely leave the border open?”

Maybe he’ll admit the taxes aren’t “historically low” as Obama claims. The taxes are in fact “too damn high.” High taxes are killing entrepreneurship and jobs. If billion dollar corporations are so damaged by the 35% corporate tax rate they are forced to escape America with “inversions,” then why isn’t any politician admitting the 43.8% top individual tax rate is damaging taxpayers and killing even more jobs? Maybe the average taxpayer needs an inversion too! I’m betting Trump is the guy to say it.

Maybe he’ll admit public schools are failing and dumbing-down our children. Your kids are not learning. They are not prepared to compete in the global marketplace. And the problem isn’t money. We already spend too much on education. The problem is teachers unions and bad teachers who can’t be fired.

Maybe he’ll admit we have too many government employees and they are paid way too much. Their obscene pensions are bankrupting cities, counties, states and our entire federal government. Those pensions can never be paid in full. Someone needs to admit that. I’m betting Trump will be that guy.

Maybe he’ll admit there are no quality jobs because of thousands of pages of new regulations…and Obamacare’s 2.1 million words of regulations…and insane EPA mandates…and thousands of more “climate change” regulations coming down the pike.

Trump has already bravely pointed out that black unemployment is twice as high as white unemployment, thereby proving Obama has been a terrible president for the same black Americans he claims to support.

Maybe Trump will point out we have absolutely no plan to stop ISIS and that they are winning.

Maybe Trump will point out that Obama’s policies are bad for Israel and Jewish voters are crazy to support Obama.

Maybe, just maybe America is ready to hear the truth. And Donald Trump is just the man to tell it like it is.

Will Trump win the presidency? The jury is still out. But he will be a breath of fresh air. He will wake the voters up. A real-life Bullworth has arrived. Donald Trump will certainly make the 2016 race for president fun. I can’t wait.

Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative national media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, now back to the GOP. Wayne’s latest book is “The Murder of the Middle Class” (Regenery 2014). For more, visit his website: Follow him on Twitter@WayneRoot.