Drone Strike Review


Jan. 31, 2010: This file photo shows a U.S. Predator drone flies over the moon above Kandahar Air Field, southern Afghanistan. (AP)

President Obama has ordered a review of U.S. drone strikes in the wake of the news that a U.S. strike accidentally killed two hostages. President Obama accepts full responsibility for the strikes. One of the most-wanted terrorists Adam Gadahn also killed in a separate strike the same week.

The Chairman of the House Committee investigating the 2012 attacks on Americans in Benghazi is calling Hillary Clinton to testify a two public hearings next month.

It comes as questions continue to swirl about the Clinton Foundation. Yesterday the WSJ, the New York Times and The Washington Post all ran pieces raising questions about what some are calling the seeming appearance of quid pro quo between policy and donations. The Clinton campaign has denied any wrongdoing and dismissed the revelations as being part of a political witch-hunt.

Today James Rosen is reporting on the possibility of legal troubles for the Clintons.

We’ll also get a preview of a new documentary Fox is unveiling tonight on the Clinton Foundation and the wealth of the Clintons.

It comes as new polls show a surging Marco Rubio. Still Hillary Clinton remains the dominant force in any matchups in the run for the White House. Dana Blanton writes on FoxNews.com, “Clinton bests each of the Republicans tested in hypothetical matchups for a 2016 presidential contest: she leads Paul 46-43 percent, Bush 45-41 percent, Rubio 46-42 percent, Cruz 47-42 percent and Walker 46-40 percent. In each of these matchups the candidates are at or within the margin of sampling error of each other.”

The new polling shows there are some concerns among voters about Hillary Clinton’s honesty.

Italian police have arrested 18 suspected terrorists in a crackdown in Italy. They were allegedly behind a terror attack that killed more than 100 in 2010, and were planning an attack on the Vatican. It comes as France says it has foiled at least six attacks just since January.

There’s been a surge in ER visits from a new drug called “Spice”. We’ll ask Dr. Ernest Patti about this dangerous new street drug.

100 years ago today a massacre of Armenians began it what is now Turkey. As many as 1.5 million were killed. Lauren Green reporting.


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