Fox News Poll: Voters say government is the problem, taxes are too high



A record number of American voters think they pay too much in taxes. In addition, they think government is more often the source of America’s troubles — not the means of fixing them.

The latest Fox News poll shows by a 67-18 percent margin, voters agree that the assessment by Ronald Reagan of the nation’s woes in 1981 applies today as well: That government is not the solution to our problems — government is the problem.

The portion seeing government “as the problem” is up 14 points from 53 percent in 2008. ;


Even 51 percent of Democrats describe the government as the problem. Larger majorities of independents (70 percent) and Republicans (83 percent) agree. ;

Overall, 63 percent say their tax bill is too high. That’s up from the previous high of 54 percent in both 2012 and 2005. ;

Thirty-four percent think their taxes are “about right,” while just 2 percent say they pay too little.

Voters under age 45 and those ages 45+ are about equally likely to say their taxes are too high (62 percent and 63 percent respectively).

The poll, released Wednesday, also finds that those living in lower-income and higher-income households alike feel Uncle Sam takes too much. Sixty-five percent of those earning less than $50,000 annually feel their tax bill is too high, as do 61 percent of those in households earning $50,000 or more. ;

Those most likely to say their taxes are too high include: those part of the Tea Party movement (75 percent), self-identified “very” conservatives (73 percent) and Northeasterners (72 percent). ;

Thirty-seven percent of Democrats think the taxes they pay are “about right,” down from 51 percent who said the same in 2012. ;

Westerners (40 percent) are some of the most likely to feel their taxes are “about right,” followed by voters under age 30 (39 percent), liberals (39 percent), moderates (39 percent) and those ages 65 and over (38 percent).

Which tax is the least fair? People see federal income (26 percent) and local property (25 percent) as the least fair taxes. In the next tier, it is federal social security (14 percent), state sales (13 percent) and state income taxes (11 percent). ;

Tea Partiers (41 percent), conservatives (33 percent), higher-income voters (31 percent), those with a college degree (30 percent), Republicans (30 percent) and independents (29 percent) are among those most likely to say federal income taxes are the least fair. ;

Those most likely to say local property taxes are the least fair are Northeasterners (34 percent), lower-income voters (31 percent), rural voters (30 percent) and Democrats (29 percent). ;

Most people — 71 percent — agree inheritance taxes are unfair. That includes both higher (71 percent) and lower (73 percent) income voters.

Just 22 percent overall say inheritance taxes are fair. ;

Democrats (31 percent) are more than twice as likely as Republicans (14 percent) to feel that way. ;

The Fox News poll is conducted by telephone with live interviewers under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R). The 1,025 registered voters were reached via landline and cell phone numbers randomly selected for inclusion in this nationwide survey from March 29-31, 2015. The full poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.