Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox shouldn’t be allowed to beat up women

Let me paint you a picture: your daughter is playing a contact sport. Say, football or hockey. She’s gone from being your little girl to becoming a beautiful young woman. Opposite her on the field (or ice), is somebody who once was a man, until he decided that he didn’t feel like being one anymore.

This person can now legally, physically attack your daughter.

This makes liberals rejoice. How progressive.

Enter Fallon Fox, a male-to-female transgendered person, who has now decided to make a living by beating up women. With a record of 2-0, none of Fallon’s female victims have even made it past two minutes of the first round. If you were to watch these fights, it would look very much like you would expect…a man knocking a woman unconscious.

In the name of political correctness, leftists have come out championing the cause, as Fallon ragdolls female opponents into oblivion.

I can just hear the critics now… “She’s a she!” “You just hate transgender people!” or of my personal favorite “your values are just archaic!”

Archaic values? Possibly. Here’s one to try on for size…

Unless you were born and raised a woman, you don’t go around hitting chicks.

It’s only natural for human beings to get squeamish at the sight of a lifelong male pummeling dames mercilessly, but it’s not an argument. So let’s use a scientific one! Surprisingly, human biology is not the homophobic, intrinsically anti-transgender medium that leftists would have you believe.

So let’s assume for a second that one can completely change their genetics (rather than the likely reality of having merely pushed certain, inconvenient gene expressions at bay) after having Bobbitt’d their wiener. It is still undeniable that for this person’s entire life, that he had the hormonal profile and capabilities of a man. This is of course to say nothing of the ligaments, bone density and overall musculature that has been built over a lifetime of… well, being a man. Let’s just talk hormones for a second.

Healthy young men naturally have an approximate testosterone level of 450-1100 ng./dl. Women, typically have that of 40-70 ng./dl. That’s a ratio of at least 10:1.

To give you some context; the dumb, roided out, oompa-loompa orange, professional bodybuilder at your neighborhood curl-rack very seldom enjoy that kind of a testosterone gap over their own male counterparts (with average pro bodybuilders coming in somewhere around 3500 ng.dl)

Even when people discontinue their stupid steroid cycles, they keep a significant portion of the gains they’ve made. (Also, their tribal tattoos. Gotta keep it real bro!)

Let me ask you this; if Barry Bonds came out and said “Okay okay, I did copious amounts of steroids for over 20 years, but I stopped before I hit my last few homers,” would you consider that fair? Would you consider it a distinctly illegal advantage or merely put one on the ledger for ol’ Bondy-boy! Chalk it up to him and his shenanigans, that’s our Barry!

Then there’s Lance Armstrong. Do people cut him a lot of slack for doping?

Finally, let me present to you exhibit C: Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. Once the definitive Strikeforce female featherweight champion, Cristiane found herself stripped of the title and suspended from fighting. The reason? You guessed it, anabolic steroids. See the reason for this is that often, hard as it is to believe, anabolic steroids assist drastically in improving one’s performance!

On a related note, Fallon Fox has being using steroids for decades.

They’re called testicles.

If you’ve had them, grown up with them and used them… you don’t get to beat up women.

Steven Crowder is a comedian and Fox News contributor. Follow him on Twitter@scrowder.

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