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To be sure, recent polling shows clearly and unambiguously that the Obama campaign’s Bain Capital attacks on Mitt Romney have had a negative impact on Romney’s own standing within the electorate.

Twenty-three percent of all voters – including twenty-two percent of Independents surveyed in the latest New York Times/CBS News poll said that Mr. Romney’s tenure at Bain makes them less likely to vote for him. Meanwhile, a new Rasmussen survey found that forty-one percent of voters see Romney’s record in the private sector as a reason not to vote for him – up eight points from where it was several months ago.

But no matter how effective the Bain Capital attacks on Mitt Romney have been, there has been no shift in President Obama’s position vis-à-vis Mitt Romney – as evidenced by recent polling.

President Obama and Mitt Romney are within one-point of one another in the latest polling from The New York Times/CBS (47% Romney – 46% Obama), Gallup (46%-46%), and Rasmussen Reports (47% Obama- 46% Romney).

The Obama campaign has concluded that it is much easier to demonize Governor Romney –who has yet to articulate a clear platform and program for himself—with polarizing, class-based attacks, than it is to distinguish a compelling Obama agenda.

But there is a larger narrative.

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