Obama brings home one POW, abandons another in Mexico


My fellow Americans, we currently have a POW who was chained on all four pressure points. He was chained so tightly that his wrists and ankles bled. He was beaten and kicked by prison guards while helplessly chained. He was starved and denied water. He was neglected by doctors.

This didn’t happen at the hands of the Taliban. This all happened to an American Marine hero at the hands of our “friend’ and neighbor Mexico. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

It’s time for our President to take a stand with Mexico.

Now that America has brought home one POW with a prisoner swap, why not the other?

Bringing home Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl was the hard part. He was held in a secret location by our sworn enemies. We had to release five mass murderers to make that deal.

And Sgt Bergdahl was quite possibly a deserter. He willingly left his post. The search for this deserter cost the lives of six American soldiers.

Was this trade worth it?

But bringing home Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is much easier. He’s being held by our friend and neighbor Mexico. We know exactly where he is: sitting in isolation in a filthy, dangerous Mexican prison being threatened by drug gangs. ;

His crime? Bad driving. He drove across the border by mistake.

Why hasn’t Obama demanded his return? Why hasn’t our president publicly embarrassed and pressured Mexico? Why hasn’t he made the return of our Marine hero a national priority?

Our President should be pointing out to Mexico’s President that America treats mass murderers at Gitmo better than our Marine hero has been treated in a Mexican prison.

I just finished talking to Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s mother Jill. Here is what she had to say about the difficult and mysterious situation:

“We are very happy for the returning U.S. Army POW Bowe Bergdahl. Now we hope the administration will focus on our son, U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. Why isn’t our hero home? ;Our son is not being held prisoner by a brutal enemy of America. There is no prisoner swap required to get our son home. ;Certainly it is very frightening and difficult to negotiate a POW release with radical Muslim groups. But Andrew is being held by our supposed friend and neighbor, Mexico. ;As Wayne Allyn Root points out, our country treats murderer POW’s at Gitmo far better than Andrew has been treated by Mexican authorities. Why is President Obama allowing this? ;Has Secretary of State Kerry even ;brought this false imprisonment and mistreatment up with Mexico’s President? ;Certainly ;returning our son home should be a piece of cake compared to a ;soldier held during ;wartime by a brutal enemy?”

I believe the United States has great leverage in this situation- ;if ;we had a real leader running this country. Unfortunately we have the weak, feckless, neutered, bowing Barack Obama.

It’s time for our president to take a stand with Mexico.

It’s time to point out that despite Mexican citizens entering our country illegally, we’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars in welfare, food stamps, housing allowances, healthcare, education, police and prison costs, free meals at school, and income tax credits.

It’s time to point out that despite Mexican citizens entering our country illegally, we have allowed them to live and work here. Our citizens are kind-hearted enough to oppose deportation of millions of your citizens for fear of breaking up their families. We hire your citizens and provide them with a better life than they ever had in Mexico. They send money home to Mexico that keeps your Mexican economy afloat. That money comes from our citizens and taxpayers.

It’s time to point out that America’s citizens spend billions on vacations in Mexico. That could end tomorrow if the president asked our citizens to cancel all trips to Mexico until our Marine hero is returned. ;

It’s time to point out that between 2008-2011, the Department of Defense gave $428.7 million worth of equipment to Mexican security forces, including planes, Blackhawk helicopters, and scanners. Last year alone we trained over 3000 Mexican troops.

All this money came from U.S. taxpayers, from people like Sgt. Tahmooressi’s parents.

It’s time to point out that our Marine ;was armed with three firearms because he has the Constitutional right to own and possess those firearms in the United States of America.

It’s time for a real American leader to issue an ultimatum to the president of Mexico demanding the immediate and safe return of our Marine hero. How about this simple message from our president to Mexico’s president:

“As the commander in chief of Sgt ;Tahmooressi, I’m giving you until 5 o’clock PM (Pacific Daylight Time) tomorrow to return ;our Marine hero ;(along with his truck and weapons) to the U.S. border crossing in San Diego. ;

I will have the appropriate U.S. officials and military officers waiting there to inspect the condition of ;our Marine hero ;and to report his physical and mental condition to me immediately. I expect him to be in perfect health.

If you choose to disregard my simple and reasonable “friendly” request, please be aware that I have already ordered the United States Marine Corps Commandant at Camp Pendleton to have his 100,000 Marines “Stand To” and ready to proceed into Mexico to retrieve ;our Marine hero. ;One way or another ;our Marine hero ;is coming home. We leave no man behind. ;

If we are forced to retrieve Sgt.Tahmooressi at great effort and expense to the United States, we will also send you a bill for the $500 million or so we’ve spent on training and equipment for your military since 2008.

I’ll deal with the hundreds of billions of dollars we’ve spent on housing your citizens illegally in the United States at a future date — after this incident has been resolved to my satisfaction.

I pray, for your sake and for your citizens’ safety, that you choose to do the right thing, neighbor. But know one thing — one way or another ;our Marine hero ;is coming home by tomorrow evening at 5 PM.”

Sincerely, ;

The president of the United States of America ;

P.S. ;Semper Fi.

That is the message a ;real ;American president would give to Mexico.

Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative national media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, now back to the GOP. Wayne’s latest book is “The Murder of the Middle Class” (Regenery 2014). For more, visit his website: www.ROOTforAmerica.com. Follow him on Twitter@WayneRoot.

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