President Obama overnights on Air Force One

DENVER, Co. — President Obama does a lot of things on Air Force One like get briefings, read news, watch sports and talk to staff, but rarely does he spend the night on it while traveling within the US.

Tuesday night and into Wednesday, he’ll overnight on the big plane given a hectic cross-country campaign blitz.

He spent the day in Iowa, Colorado, California and Nevada before heading to Florida to start the day early in Tampa.

The president will finish off the 48-hour “America Forward! Tour” in Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Illinois.

On Air Force One, the president of course has several amenities including an office, bed, shower and a full staff to help with his every need.

Obama has been known to make the most of his time on Air Force One.

Tuesday, Obama did an off-the-record call with 50 top radio station DJs.

He also often makes phone calls to world leaders or staff aboard the aircraft, and has been known to watch a sporting event, especially during playoffs.

The Tuesday night flight from Nevada to Florida is three hours and fifty minutes, much shorter than the international flights he’s overnighted on the aircraft.