Rand Paul Throws His Hat In the Ring

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky will declare his candidacy for the presidency today. The son of the Libertarian firebrand Ron Paul expected to announce around Noon. We’ll have analysis and reaction, and will listen to some of his speech live.

Other candidates likely to throw their hats in the ring soon include Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton.

Chicago Mayor (and former high-ranking Obama admin. official) Rahm Emmanuel faces a run-off in his reelection as Mayor. He faces Mexican American Jesus Garcia. Rahm is expected to win.

Jurors in the Boston Bombing murder trial begin deliberations today. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers have admitted he helped plan and execute the Boston Bombings nearly two years ago that killed three and wounded more than 260, but have argued his older brother was the real culprit. He faces death.

The murder trial against Aaron Hernandez also heading for a conclusion. The jury could get the case as soon as today.

A fourth terror suspect has been arrested in Brooklyn. All four allegedly plotted to provide support for or join with ISIS terrorists. Laura Ingle reporting.

A huge water company in Southern California will begin rationing customers.. according to the L.A. Times. There is rain forecast for California today, but not likely enough to make much of a difference.

New guidelines from the Feds on what we eat may soon suggest salt may not be so bad for you. That’s based on new studies we’ve covered.

A new study suggests even small amounts of vigorous exercise may dramatically extend life.


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