Roku & TCL partner to create TCL Roku TVs


(TCL Roku TV)

Your TV is about to become more like your tablet or your smartphone. A company named Roku showed off their new TV at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

The Roku TV aims to merge online TV with cable TV. Roku is known for making affordable set top boxes that bring online streaming content to your television. Now they want to take the technology from their boxes and put it straight inside your television.

Roku announced the news at The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The show officially kicks off this week but this announcement makes it clear that battle for control of your television is going to be front and center in Sin City.

I’ve long been a fan of Roku’s set top boxes. When they burst on the scene in 2008 they were one of the only ways to bring Netflix streaming to your living room. Over time, Roku added a slew of apps to the boxes like FOX News but the problem with that model is that there are so many other ways to do that. Think about how smart TV’s, video game consoles, and Apple TV can all do the same or similar functions. In this competitive market Roku must have known that a little box that sits next to the TV wouldn’t cut it anymore; they had to go inside the TV.

At launch Roku TV will partner with Hisense and TCL. The company says it will be available this Fall in screen sizes ranging from 32″ to 55″.

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