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No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

To hear some commentators tell it, President Obama has been plagued by a truly terrible case of bad luck. The mounting scandals – the IRS, the DOJ information grab, Benghazi, and now the NSA – have formed the perfect storm.… Continue reading

From Obama, A Beautiful Inaugural Address Completely Discordant With His Recent Actions

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The New Power Class Who Will Profit From Obama’s Second Term

Joel Kotkin

Obama II — Will We Be a Better Nation?

John Zogby

Full Text: President Obama’s Inaugural Address

Jeremy Bogaisky
Forbes… Continue reading

Setting Defiant Tone In Fiscal Standoff, Obama Seems To Be Betting GOP Will Fold On Taxes

President Obama broke no new ground with his press conference today. And despite a conciliatory tone at times, he was ultimately resolute and even defiant.
He was unyielding in his economic posture and his willingness to compromise seemed rhetorical at… Continue reading

The Pollsters Got It Right

The mudslinging between the candidates and campaigns in this election was matched by the vitriol spewed over the polls. This one is oversampling Democrats, this one leans Right and this one is biased left.
We have heard it all over… Continue reading

Why The Trade Issue Matters On Election Day

With Election Day only 15 days away, it’s clear that economic issues will drive both President Obama and Governor Romney’s closing arguments. Despite unemployment dropping below 8 percent in the most recent jobs report, poll after poll shows that likely… Continue reading

A Second Debate Draw

The President’s performance was a far cry from his anemic showing in Denver. He was energized, focused and well prepared.
The Governor had less to make up for after his strong showing in the first debate. He performed well again… Continue reading

In Wednesday’s Debate, Romney Emerges as the Victor on Medicare

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What Did We Learn From The Presidential Debate? Not Much.

Howard Gleckman

A Narrow Win For Romney At First Presidential Debate

Doug Schoen

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during the Presidential Debate Denver,… Continue reading

Why did Obama use the N-word to describe his grandfather?

“My image of Onyango, faint as it was, had always been of an autocratic man—a cruel man, perhaps. But I had also imagined him an independent man, a man of his people, opposed to white rule… What Granny had told… Continue reading