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Big Picture: What is the state of the race today?

Big Picture: Impact of foreign elections on US campaigns

Could Virginia be the most crucial swing state in 2012?

Occupy Wall Street Has Seized Control of This Year’s Political Debate

In a statement following the Senate’s rejection of the proposed Buffett Rule to impose a 30 percent minimum tax rate on those making more than $1 million a year, President Obama accused Senate Republicans of “choosing once again to protect…

Rubio or Portman Could Be Game Changers for Romney

With the selection of Beth Myers, who served as chief of staff for Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts, to now head the search effort for a presidential running mate, the obvious question that arises is who will…

Watch Doug’s Appearance on Thomson Reuters Politics, Inc. Panel

The Campaign Insiders Examine Obama’s rhetoric on the Republican candidates

How Many Billionaires Does it Take to Buy a Nomination?

President Obama tried on Tuesday to justify his announcement last week that he will send senior level administration and campaign officials to fundraising events for the pro-Obama Super PAC, Priorities USA –a major flipflop for the President who had been …

For President Obama, Soaring Oil Prices Present a Much Greater Threat Than Romney or Santorum

With the  latest RCP Tracking Average (2/1-2/19) showing Obama with a 5.7 point lead over Mitt Romney and a 7.5 point lead over Rick Santorum, it is clear that the biggest threat to President Obama’s chances of winning reelection will…

The Crisis Facing Mitt Romney

With Monday’s publication of the Washington Post/ABC poll, it is clear that Mitt Romney is in trouble – big trouble.
It is not just that President Obama has opened up almost a ten-point lead against the former Massachusetts governor –…