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Now is the Time to Finally Get Rid of IPAB

Despite the recent display of bipartisanship between the Trump administration and Congressional Democratic leaders in regard to a new debt ceiling agreement, health care remains one of the most divisive issues on Capitol Hill.
After multiple failed attempts to repeal… Continue reading

Why this libertarian (and others) love immigration

Yikes, you really hate me!
Many of you, anyway, based on Twitter and Facebook comments posted after I argued immigration with Ann Coulter on my TV show.
“Move into an illegal-heavy neighborhood and get back to us!”
“Another libertarian who… Continue reading

As ObamaCare Continues To Struggle, Medicare Part D Keeps Shining

Yesterday, President Obama’s pick to be the next health secretary, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, faced questions over the troubled healthcare law. Burwell pledged to recoup any federal taxpayer dollars that were misused on failed health sign-up websites in states including Maryland… Continue reading

Sticking with what works when it comes to Medicare — lessons for Republicans and Democrats

The Democratic and Republican Congressional budget plans proffered by House and Senate budget committee chairs must be viewed more as acts of political theater than serious fiscal roadmaps. ;
Even though symbolic votes have taken place, neither plan has a… Continue reading

Both Political Parties Win With a Practical, Pro-Growth Fiscal Cliff Outcome

It goes without saying that a plunge over the so-called “fiscal cliff” would be a true setback for the nation. Indeed, as Democrats and Republicans say that they’re willing to allow for significant tax hikes and program cuts if the… Continue reading

Keep An Eye On Seniors

As President Obama and Governor Romney prepare to meet face to face in what can be described as an increasingly favorable political climate for Democrats, both sides admit that the polls will tighten in the final weeks leading up to… Continue reading

Where Romney Went Wrong

There has been tremendous speculation over the past week as to what Romney really meant when he made his now infamous 47% comment. What is for certain is that Romney grossly misrepresented the Americans he lumped into this group in… Continue reading

What Romney-Ryan and the GOP are missing

Make no mistake, Mitt Romney’s appointment of Paul Ryan as his running mate has galvanized the Republican base.
But while a recent Gallup poll found a mere 39% of Democrats are now more enthusiastic about voting than in previous elections… Continue reading