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Putin Is Undermining Ukraine’s Democracy — And Obama Is Letting Him

Vladimir Putin’s disdain for democracy is no secret.
He has quashed dissent at home, and the passage on Tuesday of a new “Blogger Law” is only the latest move by the Kremlin to control media and police the internet. As… Continue reading

Lacking Leadership On Ukraine — And Everywhere Else

As of late, there have been a series of scathing criticisms of current US foreign policy, especially concerning our inaction in Ukraine.
The Economist asked, “What would America fight for?” Unsurprisingly, the answer was far from clear. As the editorial… Continue reading

Obama Orders New Sanctions Against Russia

After more than a month of threats, the Obama administration ordered travel bans and asset freezes for seven Russian officials, including two said to be in Putin’s inner circle, and froze assets for 17 companies this morning. Thirteen Russian companies… Continue reading

16-year-old alleged school stabber should not be tried in adult court

Alex Hribel, the 16-year-old sophomore charged in the mass stabbing at his Murrysville, Pennsylvania high school, has been charged as an adult with four counts of attempted homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault.
Despite the horrific nature of Hribel’s… Continue reading

It’s time for states to outlaw anonymous sperm, ova donations

I recently appeared on Fox News to talk about the case of Rebecca Blackwell and her son Travis, who is the product of artificial insemination via an anonymous sperm donor. ; When Travis searched for and found his biological father,… Continue reading

Putin Blames The US For Ukrainian Unrest And Reserves Right To Military Action

Though Putin has had his hand in the events of the last week in Ukraine, he actually hadn’t made any formal comments – until today.
In an hour long, unscripted press conference in Moscow, Putin called the events in Ukraine… Continue reading