Tea Party ‘Terrorists’ and the Mainstream Media

Well, if it wasn’t obvious before it sure ought to be now. The liberal media elite have gone around the bend and over the cliff. The Crazy Train they’ve been riding has finally crashed.

And it’s all because of those nasty conservative Tea Party Republicans.

The same liberal journalists who won’t call a real terrorist a terrorist can’t go 10 seconds without calling conservative Republicans terrorists. Or “Wahhabis,” as Chris Mathews described them on MSNBC.

Or “Hezbollah,” as Tom Friedman described them in the New York Times.

Or as ‘suicide bombers” as Tina Brown the editor of Newsweek described them on “Morning Joe.”

And just in case you’re dense and still don’t get it, we can all thank Peter Goodman, formerly of the New York Times and now an editor at the Huffington Post, who didn’t mince words when he wrote: “They are acting like terrorists. Yes, terrorists.”

But even that was one-upped on Politico, in a column by a law professor at American University, William Yeomans, who wrote that the Tea Party caucus in the House were “full blown terrorists.”

And then we got this from Fareed Zakaria on CNN: “What they’re saying is, we’ll blow up the country if you don’t listen to us.”

And keeping with the “blow up” the place theme, Paul Krugman, wrote in the New York Times that, “basically the Republicans said, ‘We’ll blow up the world economy unless you give us exactly what we want.’”

Okay, we get it. Those conservative Republicans are terrorists who like to blow things up. I mean, they’re a regular horror show.

Hold on. There’s an idea that takes us beyond terrorists and suicide bombers who like to blow things up. Make those conservative House Republicans out to be monsters, like the ones in horror movies.

I wish I could say I came up with that, but Maureen Dowd beat me to it.

In her column in the New York Times today, Ms Dowd compares the Tea Party Republicans … yes, no fooling … to monsters. Like the kind that scare the hell out of us in the movies.

They were an “uncompromising new force” that “epitomized ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ and evoked comparisons to our most mythic creatures of the night.”

What kind of mythic creatures of the night? Glad you asked.

“They were like cannibals, eating their own party and leaders alive. They were like vampires, draining the country’s reputation, credit rating and compassion. They were like zombies, relentlessly and mindlessly coming back again and gain to assault their unnerved victims, Boehner and President Obama. They were like the metallic beasts in ‘Alien’ flashing mouths of teeth inside other mouths of teeth bursting out of Boehner’s stomach every time he came to a bouquet of microphones.”

If this were an episode of “The Twilight Zone,” instead of real examples of real commentary from real liberal journalists, Rod Serling might end the episode with something like this:

Terrorists. Cannibals. Vampires. Zombies. Just a normal day in the universe inhabited by liberal journalists … a bunch of clueless folks who have fooled themselves into believing they’re smart and sophisticated people … people who have been careening down the tracks … on the Crazy Train.

Bernie Goldberg is a journalist, author and Fox News analyst. He is the winner of 11Emmy Awards and has written five books on the media and American culture, including the No. 1 best-seller “Bias.” His most recent book, “A Slobbering Love Affair,” is about the mainstream media’s fascination with Barack Obama. You can learn more about Bernie Goldberg by visiting his website at www.bernardgoldberg.com.

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