‘The Longest Ride’ star Scott Eastwood says real bull riders ‘baddest guys on the planet’


The latest Nicolas Sparks novel turned romantic movie “The Longest Ride” stars Scott Eastwood as a professional bull rider who wins the heart of a college senior with big city dreams played by Britt Robertson. FOX411 spoke to the two rising stars.

FOX411: Are you guys fans of romantic movies in general, are you romantics?

Robertson: I love romantic movies. I’m a girl, I love girl movies.

FOX411: Are you usually the plus one?

Eastwood: I’m normally the plus one but… “The Notebook” made me cry and I thought it was a fantastic movie.

FOX411: Is there a 101 to being a romantic?

Eastwood: No, you can’t write the playbook, there’s no manual.

Robertson: I think everyone has their own version of romance like, listening to our own stories just recently about what’s the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you, we were just listing off those things, and it’s like a very different version of romance and I think everyone has their own romantic side.

FOX411: In this movie you see some chivalry, some good old fashioned gestures, do you think that’s something that maybe is missing?

Robertson: I think it’s been missing for a really long time. Chivalry is not dead as they say however you know, the love letters, and old the fashioned calling and making like straight hard plans and not being fickle, that does not exist anymore. I don’t stand for it but it doesn’t exist. I know, I have a lot of girlfriends who are struggling out there to find good men.

Eastwood: The struggle is real.

Robertson: The struggle is real.

FOX411: You too? You’re not about the “maybe dates”?

Eastwood: No no no, maybe dates, “Call me Friday and we’ll see what’s going on…”

Robertson: “We’ll see how I’m feeling on Friday…”

Eastwood: If you don’t know by you know, two o’clock that day, if you’re not “Yes I’m all in” it’s “Hell no”and that’s a great. Someone always told me that. If the girl’s not in by two o’clock and saying “Yes, I’m a hundred percent in,” then it’s “F*** no.”

FOX411: Do you feel like a bona fide cowboy now?

Robertson: He’s a cowboy at heart.

Eastwood: I am and I’m not. I have that side of me. I grew up in northern California, I grew up riding horses and doing all that stuff, but at the same time I grew up by the beach in southern California too, and so I’m kind of maybe like a little a surfer-cowboy.

Robertson: You’re a “surfer-cowboy” is the best way to describe you.

Eastwood: Gun toting hippie? (laughs)

FOX411: How much bull riding did you do? Could this be a possible gig for you should the acting not be what you want to do?

Eastwood: Not a lot of job security in bull riding. I’m going to go with no. I have ultimate respect for these guys. They are really the baddest guys on the planet and I’m going to leave it to the professionals.

FOX411: You’ve spoken about going into the family business, any advice from your dad on this part of your career, leading man roles, more opportunities, more attention?

Eastwood: I think it’s just, it’s more advice about life. Just keep your head down, work hard, and don’t ever believe your own hype, you know because… you just, keep working.

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