Upgrade your morning routine with these bathroom gadgets


Sing in the shower? Upgrade your bathroom with these high tech gadgets for waterproof music listening, powering off appliances, and keeping track of weight.

If you’re looking for some background tunes for your daily serenade, check out iShower, ;a waterproof speaker that connects to your device via Bluetooth with a 200-foot-range. ;You can hang this gadget in the shower while your scrub in the tub.

Without ruining your iPhone, MP3 player or other device, iShower allows you to fully control your music safely—play/pause/forward/rewind and control the volume.

The $99 water resistant player uses 3 AA batteries and will last up to 15 hours streaming audio.

Here’s how it works: ;

Like most people, if you find yourself retracing your steps after rushing out of the house in the morning trying to remember if you unplugged the curling iron, you can make sure it is off with the WeMo Switch.

Control your home devices, remotely from anywhere by downloading the WeMo app and plugging in any electronic into $49.99 WeMo Switch. It’s a fool-proof way to make sure your home is safe by powering off your appliances even when you aren’t home.

You can also schedule the WeMo to repeat tasks- like turning on the coffee pot each morning, or setting the $99.99 WeMo Switch + Motion to trigger with motion for instant lighting when you walk in a room.

Download the WeMo app: Apple iTunes. ;

EatSmart Products GetFit Scale
Not your ordinary bathroom scale, EatSmart Products GetFit Scale—not only calculates weight, but also quickly measures body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass—and tracks your health and fitness progress.

The $99 scale uses BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) technology to calculate your body fitness by imputing information of gender, height, age, activity level and your weight and stores up to 8 different users’ profiles, so you can keep track of your kids growth spurts, and when it’s time to get to the gym.

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