Wake Up America: The NBA Finals and terror on the court

The NBA is in the middle of an amazing finals. LeBron is trying to break Cleveland’s fifty year championship drought.

And a Golden State warrior team looking for their first in 40 years. It’s awesome basketball.

That and the Obama administration just decided to muddle it’s ISIS strategy even further by sending 450 “advisors” to Iraq.

My good friend Gunnery Sergeant Duff said- “Sports seldom crosses over to real life terror… But today, it does.”

Duff, you’re spot on.

Something few people know about Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr may shock you

I grew up in Chicago watching Steve Kerr drain three pointers,

Helping Michael Jordan secure 5 of his 6 championship rings.

Kerr’s nickname is Ice. He earned that name while a freshman at the University of Arizona.

But on January 18, 984, the night before a big game against rival Arizona State University, Kerr’s father was assassinated by Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon

Dr. Malcolm Kerr was President of the American University in Beirut and considered one of the brightest academics in the Middle East.

He built his life around bridging the divide between Christians, Muslims and Jews.

But now he was dead.

The next day, Steve Kerr played, and crushed Arizona State University. Earning him the nickname *Ice*

But simultaneously to Dr. Kerr’s assassination, the Reagan administration was searching for the terrorists who detonated a series of bombs that killed 241 American servicemen including 220 Marines

The “Islamic Jihad Organization” which was part of the Iranian funded Hezbollah.. was later identified as the terror group responsible for the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut.

And now, 31 years later, the Obama administration is negotiating with that same Iranian regime. Is it ignorance? Or contempt?

Meanwhile, Steve Kerr “Ice” is just trying to earn another NBA championship..

Makes it hard not to root for the guy tomorrow night

I know I will be.

And I’m also rooting for President Obama.. You might take a cue from Steve Kerr, Mr. President. Get some of that steely resolve — that wins stuff. Instead of that soft talk — “let’s not offend radical Islam” — bull crap that’s allowing ISIS to spread like a cancer in the Middle East.

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