What my mother’s last twelve hours could teach America

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in the Republican Party? Do you want to change the direction of America under Obama? Well then I have a magical story to share with you. This story has the power to save the GOP and therefore America, American exceptionalism and capitalism. Do I have your attention?

I’m the author of a new book called, “The Power of RELENTLESS.”

My book is about winning at anything. Make no mistake about it- — it’€™s a war out there. No matter your goals or industry you’€™re in- it’s a dog eat dog competition. The broken and battered bodies lie all over the battlefield. Trust me, the weak shall never inherit the Earth.

My book is about the fact you’ve got to be tough and never give in, or give up. You’ve got to wear blinders and attack relentlessly. You’ve got to be on offense 24/7. You can never let an obstacle slow you down. You just put your head down and attack like a bull in a china shop. You go over obstacles, or under them, or around them, or you run right through them.

The relentless mindset is more important to success than any other factor. Relentless is more important than your IQ, your looks, your expertise, or your college degree. They don’t teach it in college. But all the great leaders have it.

That relentless mindset is more important to success than any other factor. Relentless is more important than your IQ, your looks, your expertise, or your college degree. They don’€™t teach it in college. But all the great leaders have it.

What’€™s the difference between a relentless entrepreneur and a pitbull? The pitbull eventually lets go!

I believe “€œrelentless” to be the most important trait in life. But relentless doesn’t just work in business. It works in politics too. “The Power of RELENTLESS”€™ is all about leadership — something sorely lacking within the GOP nowadays. We need relentless. Instead we have weak, cowardly and feckless.

So let me tell you that magical story. It’€™s the story of the last 12 hours of my mother’€™s life.

Those last 12 hours have been the model for my life. All of the remarkable success in my life has come after I experienced those last 12 hours.

My mom and dad died 28 days apart in 1992. Twenty-eight days after my dad’€™s funeral, my mom’€™s doctor called with the bad news.

I was living 3,000 miles away in Los Angeles, California. He said, “Your mother fell into a coma earlier today, we rushed her to the hospital, her brain is dead, there is no brain activity of any kind, we have disconnected life support. Her heart will stop beating in a few seconds. She’s gone. Don’t rush home. We don’t want another tragedy in your family. There’€™s nothing you can do.”

But my sister grabbed the phone from the doctor and whispered, “€œRush home. You and I both know mom. She won’t die until you get here. Rush home.”

I rushed to the airport to catch the red eye from LA to New York. I walked into my mother’€™s hospital room 12 hours after that phone call. My sister had held her hand all night saying, “Don’€™t die, Wayne is on the way. You can’€™t die until your son gets here to say goodbye.”

When I walked into the room, I heard the most amazing sound: “Beep…beep…beep.” Her heart was still beating on that monitor. The doctor said it was impossible, but mom made the impossible, possible.

I told her I loved her and thanked her for her heroism. Then I said, “Mom what you did was amazing, but now its time to let go. You can stop fighting now. It’€™s time to rest.”€ And her heart monitor stopped at that moment. Flatline.

She was gone.

Let me ask a few questions. How did my mother know I was on the way, if her brain was dead? How did she know to hold on, if her brain was dead? How did she know I was at her bedside, if her brain was dead? How could she do all this if medical science reported her as brain dead?

The answer is “The Power of RELENTLESS.” The answer is heart, spirit, will. My mom proved if your heart is big enough, it doesn’€™t even matter if your brain is dead.

That’s leadership. If you could bottle my mom’s last 12 hours…if you could bottle the fight and faith in my mom…if you could bottle her heart…and put that in a leader…would you follow him or her? Would you have faith through thick and thin?

I think anyone would follow a leader like that through hell and back. That’s a true leader. That’€™s a George Washington. That’s an Abraham Lincoln. That’€™s a Ronald Reagan.

This is what’s lacking in today’s GOP. Leadership, strength, resolve, faith…and “the Power of RELENTLESS.”€

Obama is relentless. And that’s why he’s winning. He’€™s gotten everything he ever wanted since his party lost in a massive landslide last November. And the GOP, who won that massive landslide, has gotten nothing.

We not only haven’t stopped Obama, we haven’t even slowed him. He was repudiated by the American people…and he just doesn’t care. Obama understands “The Power of RELENTLESS.”€ The GOP clearly doesn’t.

I don’t want to ever emulate Obama’€™s policies. I want to defeat and destroy every single facet of Obama’€™s socialist agenda. But I do want the GOP to study Obama and emulate his style…his mindset…his game plan…his “Power of RELENTLESS.”

We’re not losing because of our policies or principles. We’€™re losing because our GOP leaders in Washington, D.C. are pathetic. They lack principles. They lack faith. They lack conviction. They lack leadership. They lack “The Power of RELENTLESS.”

When will conservatives learn? We won…man up…play the game to win.

Stop bringing a knife to a gunfight. Start fighting like your country and your family’s future depends on it…because they do!

That’€™s “The Power of RELENTLESS.”

Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative national media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, now back to the GOP. Wayne’s latest book is “The Murder of the Middle Class” (Regenery 2014). For more, visit his website: www.ROOTforAmerica.com. Follow him on Twitter@WayneRoot.

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