What’s Happening Now?

Yesterday Solicitor GeneralElena Kagan was announced as President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Will she be able to satisfy those confirming her despite her stance on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?” Our guest Bob Beckel saysKagan may not be liberal enough. What do you think?

One day we heard officials say the Times Square bomber acted in concert with the Pakistani Taliban. Then General Peterus told us, no, he acted alone. The back and forth has continued, andboth the Pakistani government and Pakistani Taliban have made their own claims. What’s the truth and why is there so much confusion?

Great news on the heels of Mother’s Day. Yesterday the three mothers of the hikers who have been held in Iran for illegally crossing the border were given permission to visit their kids. Visas haven’t been granted yet, but we’ll talk to one of the mom’s in the latter half of the show.


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