Why ‘Sex Box’ needs to be stopped

There will soon be a new show on cable television that would make our grandparent’s generation roll over in their graves. No doubt times have changed, but this new show begs the question of how far the media will go to get ratings.

The show, “Sex Box”, is set to premiere on WE tv on Friday, February 27. You heard that right. The show is called “Sex Box,” and it’s everything you’re probably guessing it is: essentially two adults having sex in a box.

Immorality ends when the public, more specifically, the viewers say that they’ve had enough.

What’s even worse, “Sex Box” will be included on the basic cable lineup in homes across America, meaning your kids may just accidentally land upon its unapologetic shock and awe sexual content.

“Sex Box” is a reboot of a U.K. show of the same name, which follows real-life couples who are experiencing problems in their relationship. The couples have sex in a soundproof box (which sits on a stage in front of a live studio audience and with video cameras trained on it for the benefit of viewers at home). Immediately after intercourse, the couple then talks to a panel of relationship “experts” about their troubles. To be clear, viewers cannot see what takes place inside the box.

The show claims to be all about therapy and helping couples. Just look at this description of the contestants (from the WE tv’s press release):

“Couples seeking help from the experts include: high school sweethearts whose passion has flamed out after 14 years of marriage and four kids; a couple whose trust issues from a previous relationship have a negative impact on their intimacy; an open relationship with one partner wanting to make their sex life even racier, including S&M; a married couple whose preoccupation with baby making has changed their sex life for the worse; and a couple who actually has too much sex.”

The network touts the idea that after sexual intercourse, people are generally more open to communication. This idea is based on the scientific research regarding the body’s release of oxytocin during intercourse—a hormone that’s said to make the couple’s conversation and therapy more honest and in depth.

Wait a second. If this is the best time for a couple to have an intimate conversation, why are the couples having it in front of millions of people?

Make no mistake; this is no Dr. Ruth reboot. WE tv is no more interested in helping troubled relationships than MTV is with helping teens refrain from sex. To them, it’s all about shock, titillation and pushing the boundaries. WE tv brought it to the U.S. not to help marriages in distress, but to help their distressed ratings. The truth is that the network knows what sells, and unfortunately, it’s being sold to stations that our sons and daughters may accidently stop on as they are flipping through the channels.

According to a Pew Survey, 60 percent of Americans said that they would support extending network standards for indecency to cable television and 75 percent were in favor of tighter enforcement during the hours when children are watching. Furthermore, two thirds of children in the U.S. now have television sets in their bedroom, which means that parents have less regulation over what their child is watching.

A live sex show is something that one might expect to find on a premium cable network. However, in an affront to all families, WE tv is bringing that content to basic cable and potentially exposing millions of children in the process. If some adults want to watch a program like that, let them pay for it. But forcing it into the basic cable bundle and making parents and families pay for it is an outrage.

We at the Parents Television Council (PTC) and Concerned Women for America (CWA) are urging people to take action and sign a national petition to remove WE tv from the basic cable bundle.

“Sex Box” should never see the light of day, or the night for that matter, on basic cable.

This seems like a simple request on behalf of millions of parents who do not want to pay for this kind of content in order to get access to stations like the Disney Channel. This is our chance as parents and like-minded, concerned adults to take a stand against sexually explicit content.

Stand with us in solidarity as we tell the media we’ve had enough; the immorality ends when the public, more specifically, the viewers say that they’ve had enough. There is no science that can argue with that.

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