ACA Costs to Drop? Not Exactly


Before the Obama administration starts crowing about cost for the Affordable Care Act coming down… they might want to take another look at what’s “really” going down.

According to our very own Jim Angle, who’s been rifling through a Congressional Budget Office report on the matter, here’s what’s the matter:

Not nearly as many Americans as thought are signing up.

Many could have just found jobs, and gotten coverage through work.

Others could have taken a peek at those high deductibles and decided not to seek out the coverage at all.

Either way, the CBO now believes the number of Americans without health insurance in 2023 will be about 51 million, and the ACA will cover 25 million of those. That’s down from estimates only a few months ago, of 57 million uninsured, and the ACA covering 27 million of those.

Put another way… fewer are expected to be lacking coverage, and of those that will be, fewer are seeking out the president’s plan.

That’s one way to keep costs down… just don’t have people sign up.

But that wasn’t as this thing was billed, or for which so many Americans are paying the bill…a very pricey bill.


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