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Clinton Foundation Controversies And Hillary’s Campaign

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At such a crucial point in the Clinton campaign, the public has yet to hear Hillary articulate a clear message about exactly how she plans to move forward if elected president. Instead, we’ve heard nothing from her side as the… Continue reading

Rand Paul’s Bid For President And the GOP Field

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Election stories knocked Iran from the headlines on Tuesday as Rand Paul formally announced his candidacy for president.
Paul is certainly a candidate to watch in the current crop of GOP prospects. The libertarian-leaning junior senator from Kentucky is not… Continue reading

Family of Iranian woman on death row in dark despite report she could be spared

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The fate of the Iranian woman sentenced to die for killing a man she says tried to rape her remains unclear despite reports she could be spared, according to her mother, who told FoxNews.com her daughter is now being pressured… Continue reading

Battle-tested Walker fights to keep job in Wisconsin

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Cutting the ribbon on a new facility in Waukesha, Wis., local businessman Gunner Lyslo told Gov. Scott Walker, “Maybe this is something you will do in the White House.” ;
Ever the savvy politician, Walker lifted up both palms, as… Continue reading

Ukrainians Go To The Polls Tomorrow

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As Ukrainians go to the polls to elect their president tomorrow the result is not in much doubt: chocolatier and oligarch Petro Poroshenko will almost certainly be the next president of Ukraine.
But what is in much graver doubt is… Continue reading

My New Book – The End Of Authority: How A Loss Of Legitimacy And Broken Trust Are Endangering Our Future

Consider the state of the world today: in Washington, the Democratic and Republican parties finally agreed on a deal to raise the debt ceiling after Tea Party Republicans held the country hostage over their wild goose chase to defund ObamaCare,… Continue reading