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Karl Rove writing book about 1896 presidential election and why it still matters

NEW YORK – Republican consultant Karl Rove, when not advising the super political action committee he helped found or commenting on politics, has been researching a presidential election that has long fascinated him.
The co-founder of American Crossroads and former… Continue reading

Justices uphold Arizona’s system for redistricting

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld Arizona congressional districts drawn by an independent commission and rejected a constitutional challenge from Republican lawmakers.
The 5-4 outcome preserves efforts in 13 states to limit partisan influence in redistricting. Most notably, California uses… Continue reading

Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga headlining Clinton fundraising spree

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton embarked Monday on an aggressive campaign dash across the United States, further fueling questions about whether the front-running Democratic presidential candidate is having a harder time than expected locking down the Left in the face of… Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s scandals piling up faster than flakes in a snowstorm

Wading through the daily deluge of Hillary Clinton news, I feel like I’m reading the police blotter. The litany of her shameful shenanigans resembles the litany of neighborhood crimes recorded by cops. There are simply too many to stomach.
There… Continue reading

Clinton Foundation Controversies And Hillary’s Campaign

At such a crucial point in the Clinton campaign, the public has yet to hear Hillary articulate a clear message about exactly how she plans to move forward if elected president. Instead, we’ve heard nothing from her side as the… Continue reading

Rand Paul’s Bid For President And the GOP Field

Election stories knocked Iran from the headlines on Tuesday as Rand Paul formally announced his candidacy for president.
Paul is certainly a candidate to watch in the current crop of GOP prospects. The libertarian-leaning junior senator from Kentucky is not… Continue reading

Family of Iranian woman on death row in dark despite report she could be spared

The fate of the Iranian woman sentenced to die for killing a man she says tried to rape her remains unclear despite reports she could be spared, according to her mother, who told FoxNews.com her daughter is now being pressured… Continue reading

Battle-tested Walker fights to keep job in Wisconsin

Cutting the ribbon on a new facility in Waukesha, Wis., local businessman Gunner Lyslo told Gov. Scott Walker, “Maybe this is something you will do in the White House.” ;
Ever the savvy politician, Walker lifted up both palms, as… Continue reading