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My New Book – The End Of Authority: How A Loss Of Legitimacy And Broken Trust Are Endangering Our Future

Consider the state of the world today: in Washington, the Democratic and Republican parties finally agreed on a deal to raise the debt ceiling after Tea Party Republicans held the country hostage over their wild goose chase to defund ObamaCare,… Continue reading

American people, not lawmakers, really understand our fiscal mess

The 2012 election did not provide a clear mandate for either party, and certainly not for President Obama. The election itself reflected the polarization of the last four years and offered little in the way of direction about what the… Continue reading

The Pollsters Got It Right

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The mudslinging between the candidates and campaigns in this election was matched by the vitriol spewed over the polls. This one is oversampling Democrats, this one leans Right and this one is biased left.
We have heard it all over… Continue reading

In Wednesday’s Debate, Romney Emerges as the Victor on Medicare

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What Did We Learn From The Presidential Debate? Not Much.

Howard Gleckman

A Narrow Win For Romney At First Presidential Debate

Doug Schoen

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during the Presidential Debate Denver,… Continue reading

Despite Romney’s Gaffes, The Presidential Race Is Tightening

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Don’t count him out yet. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

The race for the presidency is getting closer and closer by the day. While last week it looked like it could be a runaway victory for President Obama, new… Continue reading

What the polls aren’t telling us about the 2012 election

There has probably been more discussion of polls, sample, design, questioning technique, and of course, results of opinion polls, in this election than ever before. ;
As someone who has made his living doing polls for the last 35 years,… Continue reading

What Romney-Ryan and the GOP are missing

Make no mistake, Mitt Romney’s appointment of Paul Ryan as his running mate has galvanized the Republican base.
But while a recent Gallup poll found a mere 39% of Democrats are now more enthusiastic about voting than in previous elections… Continue reading