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Big Picture: What is the state of the race today?

Why Mitt Romney Can’t Wait

The most recent Fox News polls from Florida and Ohio are telling, and offer clear instruction for the Romney campaign about what needs to be done– and needs to be done urgently.
According to the latest Real Clear Politics average,   … Continue reading

Where do Obama, Romney camp’s stand? The Campaign Insiders discuss:

Is Tax Reform the Biggest Issue of 2012? The Campaign Insiders Weigh in!

Romney ahead in GOP race, but falling behind Obama

Why Romney’s Bain Capital issue is not going away any time soon

It is looking increasingly likely that Mitt  Romney is consolidating his position as the front runner and the likely  nominee of the Republican side. And while he was the central focus of last  night’s debate with both the Fox News…

The Message Obama and Democrats Got from Iowa

Make no mistake. For the White  House, the Iowa  caucuses were a huge victory.
Because no clear frontrunner emerged, and the data  shows that Mitt  Romney at the very least is a very vulnerable winner.
Romney got traditional, upscale,…