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Report: Hillary tapped future campaign network for Benghazi spin

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Buzz Cut:• Report: Hillary tapped future campaign network for Benghazi spin• Hamilton taken in Lew of a Dem• Walker takes another step• PAC man says Jeb’s cash haul… Continue reading

Former CIA operative: Bergdahl was ‘high’ when captured in Afghanistan

EXCLUSIVE: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was apparently “high” with a small group of Afghan soldiers when they were picked up by nomads in 2009, according to a former CIA operative who was running a network of informants on the ground.
The… Continue reading

Fox News Poll: Voters want stronger measures against ISIS

Two-thirds of American voters favor doing “whatever it takes” to defeat ISIS. ; They also think the White House doesn’t have a clear plan to get the job done.
A new Fox News poll finds that 66 percent support “doing… Continue reading

The day President Bush’s tears spilled onto a Marine’s face at Walter Reed

Editor’s note: The following column is excerpted from Fox News anchor and political analyst Dana Perino’s new book, “And the Good News Is… Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side” (Twelve, April 21, 2015).
News of America’s military men and… Continue reading

Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio and the false god of American politics

If you visit Mount Olympus, you will see scores of crumbling statues to false gods once worshipped by ancient Greeks. The same is true in Rome, where statues of political gods, notably those named Caesar, lay in ruins.
We are… Continue reading

Emanuel starts 2nd term, as Chicago financial crisis deepens with ‘junk’ rating

A few months ago, winning re-election was Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s biggest problem. Now, his problem seems to be that he won. His prize is a mountain of financial problems, so severe that the ongoing gunfire in the rough parts… Continue reading

Perino: White House sugarcoats Ramadi

Dana Perino told viewers Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the White House tries to “sugarcoat” the deteriorating situation in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, which was captured by ISIS over the weekend.
Perino, a former White House… Continue reading

George Stephanopoulos: Is he too big to fire?

FILE – This Oct. 20, 2014 file photo shows George Stephanopoulos at the 24th Annual Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame Awards in New York. Stephanopoulos has apologized for not notifying his employer and viewers about two contributions totaling $50,000… Continue reading

George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams and the media’s sinking reputation

By failing to disclose his donations to the Clinton Foundation, George Stephanopoulos has damaged his credibility and tarnished his network.
But you know something? He’s got plenty of company.
What an awful couple of years it’s been for the news… Continue reading

America’s Dog: Jasper and the book tour that never ends

When I wrote my new book “And the Good News Is…” I fended off attempts by others to cut out parts about my dog Jasper (I have been known to go on and on about him, I know). I’m glad… Continue reading