Tantaros: Why religious leaders should weigh in on politics

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros and Father Jonathan Morris discussed a recent poll conducted by Pew Research Center Tuesday that suggests Americans want more religion in their politics.

The poll asked whether churches should express views on political and social questions, with 49 percent saying they should – a jump from 43 percent in 2010.

“I don’t think people are yearning for the church to say, ‘I want Republicans, I want Democrats,’ … but it’s how to make sense of a very confusing world,” Father Morris said. “We see the world going towards a kind of amoral, unethical pattern and we want our religious leaders to say, ‘What is God and belief in God and belief in eternity and belief in justice have to say about our situation?”

Tantaros echoed his sentiment, saying Pope Francis has often offered his opinions on current events and political issues and has generally been well-received.

Father Morris, author of “The Way of Serenity” and chaplain at Columbia University in New York, said he has also seen a shift in the age of the faithful filling the pews.

“I find at Columbia, there are hundreds of people now who go to Mass on Sundays,” Father Morris said. “These are people whose parents did not go to church, and whose kids are now going to church. It’s huge.”

Watch the full interview with Andrea Tantaros and Father Jonathan Morris in the video above.

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